7 Issues On Which I Need To Relax As A Toddler Parent

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In a Zen world, a toddler’s habits slide right off your back.

The other day I told you I was facing the facts of toddler parenthood. Those facts are totally valid, but most of that stuff is trivial compared to the real issues of toddler parenting.

Sure, fingerprints or even scribble on the wall are problematic, but there are more stressful issues. Here are seven things I need to let go of when it comes to parenting my toddler and my preschooler.

And when I say let go, I mean relax. Easier said than done, right?

What better way to relax than to look at some very zen images…

Everyone in lotus position? Okay go…

  • The tantrums 1 of 7
    The tantrums
    Perhaps I can dodge them from time to time, but the more stressed out they make me, the worse they will be. Look at that bird...doesn't it look so freeeeee?
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Keeping up with the Jones’ toddler 2 of 7
    Keeping up with the Jones' toddler
    Don't worry about what other kids are doing, I'm mostly speaking of behaviors, but also of some abilities. So what if their kids seem to behave perfectly when they come over for playdates. So what if they eat more than 2 vegetables, and they can swim a mile...and okay they aren't rude to adults, either. Let's talk in 20 years when these people are grown-ups (and they're in yoga class together). Ohm Shanti.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • The No-Eating/Picky Eating Phenomenon 3 of 7
    The No-Eating/Picky Eating Phenomenon
    I have to trust the fact that my children will not starve, despite their occasional diets of air and sunshine. I know that when they're hungry- they'll eat. They'll eat my cupboards bare. And isn't a bare cupboard so Zen?
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • The ritualistic behavior of toddlers and preschoolers. 4 of 7
    The ritualistic behavior of toddlers and preschoolers.
    Sure, it gets annoying when my 3 year-old has to do everything in order, just-so or he freaks out. I can totally deal with this for like another couple of years, right? Like, he'll grow out of it, right? Ohhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • The crazy mess around the house. 5 of 7
    The crazy mess around the house.
    I swear I must clean up at least 10 spills a day. Whatever, it's totally my fault for giving my 18 month-old a cup anyway, right. I should know bett.....ohhhhhhhmmmmmmmm.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • The occasional television watching. 6 of 7
    The occasional television watching.
    I've already posted my personal opinion on watching television in my house (obviously do whatever works for you and yours) and we've chosen to keep it at a minimum. However, when the minimum starts to look sort of maximum, I start to feel guilty and stressed. I need to let goooooooooooooooooooooooo.....
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • I’ll be carrying crap until I’m dead. 7 of 7
    I'll be carrying crap until I'm dead.
    My arms will never be empty again. Whether it's carrying a child, or the crap related to the child, I feel like I need six more arms on my way from the car to the house. Diaper bag, lunchbox, raincoats, boots, toys, sippy cups, etc. Better for downward dog, right? Lemons just turned to lemonade. Breaaaathe.
    Photo Credit: Flickr

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