7 Joys of Having Toddler Boys

joys of having boysSo often I find myself pulling my hair thinking, “Dear Lord, what did I get myself into?”

Our house is always a mess, let’s not even get into talking about the kitchen floor. Noise is always in the air. A day doesn’t go by without a fight. I could go on, but I’ll spare you the details. Life with 4 kids, particularly 2 toddler boys is well crazy.

Even with all of the crazy, having these boys is quite amazing and so is being a boy mom. Here is what I heart…

The 7 Joys of Having Toddler Boys…

  • They Love Their Mom 1 of 7
    They Love Their Mom
    While I adore my daughter, she runs to her daddy. The boys, they are all mama boys - I heart that!
  • Our Boys Make Me Feel Like a Gourmet Chef 2 of 7
    Our Boys Make Me Feel Like a Gourmet Chef
    These boys will eat anything I cook - I mean ANYTHING. Nothing like having good eaters who make you feel like your cooking is actually good, even when I make them cereal!
  • No Wardrobe Necessary 3 of 7
    No Wardrobe Necessary
    Our boys spend most of their lives in either just a diaper or their PJ's. No need for ribbons or bows needed!
  • Dirty is Expected 4 of 7
    Dirty is Expected
    These boys live to get dirty! Even after bath time, it's dirt time to them. I never have to feel bad that they feel dirty, they love it!
  • I Always Have an Excuse 5 of 7
    I Always Have an Excuse
    Having 2 boys, I always have an excuse. I try not to use the 2 toddler boy card often, but sometimes - it comes in handy!
  • No Drama 6 of 7
    No Drama
    Even though our toddler boys are young (1 and 2), there is NO DRAMA. With a girl, well at least ours - there was drama since birth. (We love you Z, drama and all!)
  • Cost Effective 7 of 7
    Cost Effective
    The etc that comes with little girls, at least in my retail obsessed world (ugh, I hate that about me) - just doesn't exist with boys. I don't feel like I have to buy them everything blue, like I bought everything pink for our girl. Socks can be plain white. Shoes don't have to match. I heart boys!

In all honestly, after having our first child – a girl, I wanted any and all future children to be all girls. I dreamed of a pink playroom, tutus galore and daughters that would be best friends.

Then came the first, second and then third boy. After realizing that I would have 2 boy, 16 months apart – I knew our lives would be full of adventure.

God gave me 3 boys in addition to our girl. He knew what I needed (and could afford). While it may not have been what I wanted, it’s what I needed.

What Is Your Favorite Part of Being a Boy Mom?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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