7 Modern Tech Gadgets That Won’t Take Up Space in Your Home

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Since moving to New York City nearly four years ago, I have learned the value of space. We moved here knowing that we were going to downsize from nice big house we had in Florida. We now live in a small two-bedroom apartment in the middle of Manhattan. And while I absolutely love living here, it has really made me a true minimalist. With two kids (and one on the way), two dogs, and two adults, our space in this apartment is limited.

We tried moving up here with all of our furniture from our house and were determined to “make it work.” After a few months of running into things, we knew that it was time to really evaluate what we needed and what we didn’t. Of course, we all have our luxuries that are must haves in the home, but I now make sure that those luxuries don’t take up space. The less space that they take up, the better. These small gadgets that we love to have help create less clutter in a space that is already limited.

I’ve come up with a list of some of my favorite small tech gadgets that won’t take up much space in your home.

  • Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone 1 of 7

    The Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone is so much more than a phone. I love taking photos of my girls at any moment of the day. The Lumia has taken the place of my DSLR on many occasions because I am so impressed with the quality of the photos. It also allows me to edit Word documents, Excel sheets, and more. 

    Get it from Microsoft store, $199.00 

  • Beats Pill 2 of 7

    Our family loves listening to music, but we don't have room for a big and fancy speaker system. The Beats Pill is a wireless speaker system that is small enough for you to take on the go. I love that it allows you to change tracks directly from your phone. Although the small size, it still emits a powerful sound for your music.  The Beats Pill is proof that powerful things can come in small packages! 

    Available at Beats by Dr. Dre, $199.95

  • Keurig MINI Plus Brewing System 3 of 7

    I love coffee and must have my cup every morning, but my counter space is very limited. This mini system is the perfect size for me to put in a corner and it will even make my coffee in under two minutes. Despite its slim and small design, I love that I can brew a variety of flavors of coffee.

    Available at Keurig, $99.99

  • Phillips Pocket Projector 4 of 7

    A lot of people like to have televisions in every room of their home, but don't have the space to do it. This pocket projector is the perfect solution because it allows you to stream movies, television shows, and even presentations from many different devices. It's so small that you can even travel with it. It even has internal memory allowing you to store things on it to act as a stand alone device! This is a great alternative for a large television! 

    Available at Amazon, $449.99

  • Surface 5 of 7

    Get all of the features of your favorite PC, but so much more with the Surface tablet. We don't have any room for a stand-alone computer, so the Surface is great because it can act as a tablet and a computer all in one. I love that I can still write, create spreadsheets, and even presentations, while still being able to take photos, play music and surf the Internet. The compact design makes it take up little space and lets me travel with it when I need to. 

    Get it from Microsoft store, $349.00

  • iRobot Roomba 6 of 7

    Our current traditional vacuum is stuffed in our hallway closet. Every time you open the door, the vacuum falls out of the closet because it is stuffed in so tight. I have been eyeing this iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner for years. One day I am going to splurge and purchase it for myself. Not only does it do the vacuuming for me, but it also takes up as much space as a pair of shoes would in my closet. This gadget is a win-win in my book! 

    Available at iRobot, $699.99

  • Xbox One 7 of 7

    I'll be the first to admit that it's fun to have a gaming system in your home. It wasn't until I visited my family in Florida and played with my brothers that I realized that it can be a fun activity for the family. The newest entertainment system from Xbox, the Xbox One, does it all. It allows you to watch movies, TV, play video games, and even Skype with family members. Even better is that the sleek and slim design won't take up much room on your television stand. 

    Get it from Microsoft store, $499.99 

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