7 Natural Ways to Treat Bruises

Last week my son got his 1st shiner. When I saw my little guy’s eye swelling up, my heart lurched forward a bit. Gimme a break, it was his 1st one! Of course I wanted to do everything I could to soothe him and take the pain away. I couldn’t take back the epic bounce off of his sister’s cheekbone that he took, (she, amazingly, went unscathed).


I could take care of him using the full arsenalt of my kitchen and I didn’t have to leave the house to pick up a single item. You probably won’t either.

As always, when your child falls or has a bump that requires more than a kiss and herbal remedies, consult your pediatrician or physician. We were lucky in that we only had swelling and a big bruise to deal with, no cuts.

  • Toddlers = Bruises 1 of 8
    Toddlers = Bruises
    Click through to find out some easy and natural ways to treat your child's bruise. (It's bound to happen folks). You probably have most of these items at home!
  • Flush Out & Cool 2 of 8
    Flush Out & Cool
    Delicately flush the injured area with some nice cool water, or iced chamomile tea - even better!
  • Cold Compress 3 of 8
    Cold Compress
    Applying a cloth soaked with cold water and lavender oil. If your little one will let you ice it, great! (Mine wouldn't.) Try a cloth soaked in cold water with a few drops of lavender oil or lavender tincture. (Even better.) Lavender reduces swelling, controls bleeding under the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Tea Compress 4 of 8
    Tea Compress
    Alternately, you could use cool tea bags in place of a compress - chamomile or sage are known to be very soothing.
  • Apply Arnica and/or Aloe Vera 5 of 8
    Apply Arnica and/or Aloe Vera
    We're big fans of homeopathic salves and medicines around here and always have a tube of Arnica in the medecine cabinet. The cooling properties of aloe will also do the job of soothing and reducing the swelling.
  • TLC 6 of 8
    Mostly, the best thing a parent can do when their kid has a minor bruise, (even if looks nasty), is to bestow lots of tender loving care upon them. Lots of cuddles and some spoling are totally recommended. Ince cream. Their favourite movie. A couple of extra stories and snuggles at bed-time, (this also aides in the re-application of salves or gels and a compress).
  • Feed Them Foods Rich in Vitamin C 7 of 8
    Feed Them Foods Rich in Vitamin C
    Eating foods like apples, oranges and other citrus fruit will aid in strengthening capillaries, arteries and veins as well as rejuvenate skin elasticity.
  • About That Doting… 8 of 8
    About That Doting...
    We chose to take our boy to the indoor playground. Which, in retrospect, may not have been the smartest idea, given the potential for him to hurt himself yet again with all of that contact and running around, but hey. It brought him great joy.



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