7 New Year’s Resolutions I Hope My Toddlers Make For 2014!

With the New Year upon us, I see a lot of resolutions floating around the Internets, with moms and dads listing the things they hope to do better or improve upon as parents.

Which, I’m totally down with. I have a few myself! In being honest, however, in my own little fantasy world I have a few resolutions I’d love to see my toddlers make. Some of my wishes are totally unrealistic, some a little amusing (if only to me), and some of them, dare I say, are totally acceptable to expect of my children!

  • In My Dreams 1 of 8

    A mom can dream, can't she?

  • Less Melting 2 of 8

    All of the apocalyptic meltdowns and diva-esque performances that get bestowed upon me on the daily? Multiple times, in fact? My toddlers could totally do me a solid and ease up on that action. Even just a tiny bit. (The good thing is, I get just as much cuteness, as seen above, aimed my way, too.)

  • Less Sibling Rivalry 3 of 8

    The above is a beautiful, sweet depiction of my toddler siblings about half the time. The other half, they're busy running wild around the house, terrorizing each other and, by default, me. More love, less cray-cray, pretty please? Mommy loves you.

  • Love Thy Own Bed 4 of 8

    Recently, my toddlers moved on up to a bunkbed, which they love. The only problem is that they've started crawling into bed with us in the middle of the night, a habit that we worked hard to break and thought we had kicked. Looks like we're back to the drawing board. Such is parenting, right? In my magical world, I'd have to work less hard at getting a solid night's sleep.

  • Less Picky Eating 5 of 8

    Getting my kids to sit at the table for an entire meal is essentially a big fat joke. They'd much rather be doing puzzles, picking their noses, dancing on my head, pretty much anything but. Please dear children, may you eat more food than you throw come 2014.

  • Less Nose Picking 6 of 8

    And the eating of the findings. Not that I should need to explain this one, but apparently when it comes to toddlers, the notion of not eating ones own snot is a phenomenon. Please, no more. 

  • More Kisses & Cuddles 7 of 8

    Hey kiddos! This one should be easy. You're totally pro at this as it is. Just so you know, your mommy and daddy can't ever get enough of your sweet hugs, cuddles and kisses. Keep it all comin' for 2014!

  • More Live Entertainment 8 of 8

    You guys really threw down in this regard in 2013. Keep up the good work, my little rock-stars, we're loving every minute of the fun-filled entertainment!

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