7 Pieces of Clothing Moms Have Sworn Off

You know what three kids does to a stomach?

You know you have a list… we all do!

A list of clothes we have sworn off, will never wear again after having kids, and I put out a call to some of my readers recently to see what kind of things are on your list, because my list is certainly starting to pile up!

For me there are various types of pants, underwear, shirts… everything and there is some kind of style I have sworn off because motherhood just doesn’t mix with it.

Cute mini-dresses, thong underwear, t-shirts that don’t go down to my knees, you know all the routine stuff.

It was neat to see what other moms have sworn off, and hysterical at the same time. We got some hysterical commentary on my Facebook page when it came to the topic.

For me there are clothes my body just doesn’t fit right in anymore, things I will never find comfortable again in my life, and of course stuff that I look back and think to myself… what in the hell was I thinking?

Don’t we all have it?

What are the main clothes you ditched with your kids?

  • Low Rise Jeans 1 of 7
    Low Rise Jeans
    No matter what kind of jeans I wear these days, they all rub on my c-section scar and drive me up a wall and cause a great deal of pain! But many of my readers chime in with low rise jeans specifically!
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  • Short T-Shirts 2 of 7
    Short T-Shirts
    Or any shirts that don't fully cover my belly, so when I lift my arms my c-section pouch doesn't hang out. I don't want to see it so I know others aren't going to be a fan of it!
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  • THONGS! 3 of 7
    I wasn't entirely a huge fan of them before kids, but now... NO WAY! No thank you! I don't need anything trying to floss my ass! And a lot of the readers agreed with me on this one for sure!
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  • Mini-Skirts 4 of 7
    Mini-skirts, short dresses... really anything short. My legs... well... ICK! (Submitted by @Babe_Chilla on Twitter)
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  • Short Shorts 5 of 7
    Short Shorts
    A spin off of mini-skirts and dresses, reader Tina submitted short shorts... I think we all really miss those in the summer!
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  • Plether Pants 6 of 7
    Plether Pants
    Submitted by the awesome @BirthingKristen on Twitter. Which brought up a funny story of my mother, and a pair of my old pants!
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  • High Heels 7 of 7
    High Heels
    Really high heels... I can barely walk in flip flops now! Apparently I have two left feet, and can't walk. I also grew a half of a shoe size with each kid!
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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