7 Reasons Parents Are Glad Christmas is OVER!

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree!

I survived Christmas… by the skin of my teeth and with a horrible cold which has made my head feel like it is on the verge of exploding.

But I survived, the kids are happy, and this was really the first year our 2 year old understood what was going on, so having two out of three kids know how truly magical everything was… well it was just priceless.

But now I am starting to realize why big events such as Christmas are only once a year. Because honestly, if they were more often, we would not be celebrating.

It is December 27th, and I couldn’t be more happy the whole Christmas thing is over and done with for another year.

I know for a fact I am not the only parent out there who feels this way too. Between decorations, shopping with kids, cookies, cooking, family, and the number of toddler melt downs… dear Lord how did I even survive this?

So I thought I would ask my readers, and of course include my own reasons… Why are parents glad Christmas is over?

  • No More Sweets! 1 of 7
    No More Sweets!
    Lori from Kid Scoop and says she really needs a break from sweets! I will second that one! I think I have a cavity from all the cookies and candy!
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  • Tinsel is the Devil 2 of 7
    Tinsel is the Devil
    I swear tinsel has to be the worst invention when it comes to Christmas decor. I didn't even have any in my house and found it stuck to me. Thanks Hillary!
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  • I am out of money! 3 of 7
    I am out of money!
    We went into Christmas on a extremely tight budget and came out of the holiday poor. But hey... the kids are happy right? That is all that matters!
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  • I am sick of hearing 4 of 7
    I am sick of hearing
    Submitted by Nicole! She is sick of the kids saying "I want" to everything! Sounds like a case of the gimmes! I am sure we all had our fair share of that this season right?
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  • I can finally sleep! 5 of 7
    I can finally sleep!
    Instead of wrapping gifts all night long... Lisa said she never gets enough sleep during the holidays and I am right there with her! Who else?
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  • Stores have ditched the Christmas Tunes 6 of 7
    Stores have ditched the Christmas Tunes
    Submitted by DanielleJMe on Twitter... she is sick of the Christmas music in the stores... I certainly was over it myself, but I have a special place in my heart for Christmas tunes.
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  • Back to my diet! 7 of 7
    Back to my diet!
    I have been on the road to recovery after having three kids in four years, and my diet was on a huge hold through the holidays. Back to business!
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