7 Reasons to Keep the Baby Weight On Into the Toddler Years

A little pudgy but very happy.

Folks, I have a confession: I lost the baby weight (20 lbs) plus some really darn fast thanks to a diet and being severely, severely depressed with postpartum depression.

But then I gained it all back thanks to a mixture of medication for said postpartum depression and an adoration of cupcakes.

I battled my weight for a long time until I finally was like, “You know what? I love my body. I love myself. I’m happy and healthy and there is not one thing wrong with me medical-wise that makes weight-loss a pressing journey.” Oddly enough, once I stopped freaking out about the scale, it became easier to make healthier choices and cook the foods that I love and eat them in moderation, knowing that they wouldn’t be forbidden by some diet the next day. I have a leftover floppy belly and unsightly stretch marks and, for some reason, my arms aren’t total guns despite hauling around 30+ pounds of boy every day.

But I’ve found some really incredible (read: tongue-in-cheek) reasons to keep that pesky ol’ baby weight on. I mean, sure, the celebrities get million-dollar endorsement deals to take it off and we put the pressure on ourselves to be back into a bikini, but let’s look at how baby weight can improve the life of a toddler momma:

  • For the wrestling 1 of 7
    For the wrestling
    I have a toddler boy. Wrestling is unavoidable and the extra padding keeps injuries at a minimum.
    Photo Credit: nao-cha on Flickr
  • Is she? Is she not? 2 of 7
    Is she? Is she not?
    It's been three years since I last had my baby. I like to keep away the "when will you have another one?" questions by sporting a small donut-induced belly. That way, nobody knows if I'm pregnant or holding onto baby weight!
  • The snuggles 3 of 7
    The snuggles
    My husband is always sad panda that Harrison prefers to snuggle me. But dude, I have soft parts. You do not.
  • You’ll make more mom friends 4 of 7
    You'll make more mom friends
    I make friends easily because nobody has to worry about being intimidated by my flawless post-baby body. They only have to worry about me stealing their bon-bons.
  • Perfecting your camera skills 5 of 7
    Perfecting your camera skills
    Well, you're certainly not going to want to be in the picture. So you get really darn good at being behind it!
  • Hope is a powerful thing 6 of 7
    Hope is a powerful thing
    Like that pair of size 10 designer jeans tucked away in my closet. I may never wear them again, but the hope lives on forever!
  • Fantastic birth control 7 of 7
    Fantastic birth control
    psh. Like I'm going to get pregnant again until I lose the weight.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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