7 Things I HATE About Potty Training

We are now officially in this potty training adventure with our 3-year old – and guess what? I HATE IT. Yeah. yeah. YEAH. “But it will be so much easier when he’s potty trained.” Well folks, I still have another toddler in diapers so it’s not like our household is diaper free.

I know if I would send him to daycare daily I know he’d most likely be trained by now, but alas – here we are in this potty training adventure. I am ready to check this milestone off the list. That being said, it doesn’t mean I have to like potty training!

  • Potty Training SUCKS 1 of 8
    Potty Training SUCKS
    7 reasons why I pull my hair out with this potty training thing.
  • Filthy Bathroom 2 of 8
    Filthy Bathroom
    We have lost use of our half bathroom downstairs. Our 3 year old and his potty training adventure now own this bathroom and it's disgusting.
  • Urine and Poop Findings 3 of 8
    Urine and Poop Findings
    What is grosser than your dog pooping and peeing on the floor? Your KID pooping and peeing on the floor!
  • Naked 4 of 8
    The toddler refuses to wear ANY clothes while on the potty, therefore strips leaving clothes everywhere. Plus, having to apologize to all guests who come over for the naked kid running around is getting old since most of our guests are our older kids friends.
  • Cupcakes and Sweets in the House 5 of 8
    Cupcakes and Sweets in the House
    The kid apparently responds well to cupcakes, so cupcakes its what the kid gets when peeing in the potty.
  • Dirty Clothes 6 of 8
    Dirty Clothes
    As if our laundry pile wasn't big enough. Now it's saturated with urinated underwear and clothes. FUN!
  • Manipulation 7 of 8
    I swear my kid is manipulating us into letting him stay up from naps and sleeping by using this whole potty thing. Every time I tell him we need to go to bed, he throws out the potty card (which ends up with him playing in the bathroom!).
  • Public Restrooms 8 of 8
    Public Restrooms
    I hate public restrooms. I take the kids out to our SUV to change their diapers. If I need to go, I will wait or drive to a nice restroom. With a kid who needs to pee - you have to take him to the closest potty.

I keep reminding myself “this will be over soon!” while trying to change my attitude. Somebody pour me a drink.

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What is Your Least Favorite Thing About Potty Training?

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