7 Things I Hate About the Terrible Twos

The Terrible Twos are a funny thing, I tell you. We have four kids. This crazy behavior really shouldn’t be anything new to me — but, alas, it once again has slapped me in the face.  Our oldest daughter didn’t go through this testing boundaries stage until she was 4. Our second child went through it at 3. Our third started when his brother arrived at 16 months. I thought MAYBE God would give us a pass on this last kid? Nope. Here we are approaching the 2 1/2 mark and, in the last week, our innocent child Zeke has gone full blown TERRIBLE TWO.

Zeke is our last child,  so hopefully this will be the last time we have to experience THIS form of boundary testing. Oh, I know the woes of the tween years and can’t even imagine the teen years. I like to take life one step at a time, and am hoping to get over this Terrible Two step — quickly.  From the biting to not listening, here are 10 things I hate about the Terrible Twos.

  • I Hate the Terrible Twos 1 of 8

    That sweet innocent baby that I could not get enough of has grown into a little monster! Here are 7 things that I hate most about the Terrible Twos!

  • Biting 2 of 8

    Dude, these teeth were meant for chomping on food -- not people!

    Out of all of our kids, Zeke is the only one to have taken up biting and OUCH, those little teeth are sharp.

  • Cranky 3 of 8

    I really try to be in a pleasant mood, but sometimes I get cranky. For the last few weeks, that's just how life has been with Zeke -- he is just Mr. Cranky Pants.

  • Screaming 4 of 8

    Do you know anyone who TYPES IN ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME? Annoying, right? Well meet a kid who SCREAMS EVERYTHING. No more sweet voice -- everything needs to be a SCREAM!

  • NO! 5 of 8

    Who taught this kid the word, No?  "Zeke, please come here." "No." "Zeke, time for school!" "No." "Zeke, let's go to the zoo!" "No." Someone make him unlearn this word!!

  • Demanding 6 of 8

    There is one thing to want a drink, then there is the constant demand for a drink. Or a cracker. Or a banana. You know, RIGHT after lunch.

  • Destruction 7 of 8

    Master destroyer! OMG! Saturday, we spent the day doing things around the house and one of the things I thought I would do is touch up the walls -- because, well, a large portion of them have dirty finger prints or markings all over them. Zeke managed to find a marker and make sure that the walls that I had just touched up, were made pretty again with his "art" shortly after my touch-ups.

  • Fighting 8 of 8

    I do understand this could go on forever, but my prayer is that it goes away with the Terrible Twos. These boys are ROUGH. And I don't like it!

cute 2 year oldOur 3 1/2-year-old snapped out of the Terrible Twos right after he turned 3. Crossing our fingers that it’s the same with Zeke — and that the calm sweet, cuddling child will return.

Hey, a mom can wish.

As much as I hate this stage, I so love this kid. And when he’s not being 2, he is pretty darn cute.

When did your toddler start testing boundaries?
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