7 Things I Learned From Sending My Toddler to Preschool

preschoolIt has been a little over a year since our oldest toddler Izaiah has been at home and out of regular daycare. While I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 14 months having him by my side, we are now settled into our new home and it’s time for us to get him on a schedule. The best way for this schedule-free house to get our kid on a schedule is to enroll him in preschool.

Three weeks ago, Izaiah started at his new school. I honestly didn’t think that there would be any issues. Izaiah does go to church several times a week. He enjoys his friends and teachers there, so this preschool thing would be NO BIG DEAL, right? uhm. WRONG MOM. It’s been a new adventure, with many lessons learned. Just read on.

Here are 7 Things I Learned From Sending My Toddler to Preschool:

  • Crying is OKAY 1 of 7
    Crying is OKAY
    It's totally okay if your child cries and it's TOTALLY okay if you cry. Both of which have happened each time it's a school day.
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  • Life with 1 Toddler At Home Is SO EASY 2 of 7
    Life with 1 Toddler At Home Is SO EASY
    I forget how much work 2 toddlers take each day. Having a break with only 1 child is exactly what I needed.
  • Attitude 3 of 7
    Every school day, Izaiah comes home with an attitude. I am sure it has to do with adjusting and a new schedule, but it's not exactly what I would call fun.
  • Toddlers Are Sponges 4 of 7
    Toddlers Are Sponges
    Izaiah has immediately started counting and is actually showing interest in story time in the last few weeks. I have only been working on this whole number thing for what, half a year?
  • Don’t Dress Your Kid In Nice Clothes 5 of 7
    Don't Dress Your Kid In Nice Clothes
    Wanting my son to look adorable for his first day, he wore a swanky new outfit (swanky = clearance, holla!). That swanky new outfit came home covered in swanky paint that I can't seem to get out of the shirt. It's preschool, not a fashion show. See this shirt? RUINED 🙁
  • Make the Most of Your Free Time 6 of 7
    Make the Most of Your Free Time
    While Izaiah maybe gone for 8 hours a few days a week, I need to make the most of that time. What does that mean? Do my work before heading to the mall or out to eat with friends. Priorities people!
  • Toddlers Are Social Creatures 7 of 7
    Toddlers Are Social Creatures
    Our boys have built in friends being so close in age. While we do play dates and regularly attend church, there is something to toddlers learning from other kids how to communicate, share and express emotion. All which the preschool setting does a marvelous job of.

What Did You Learn When Your Toddler Started Preschool?

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