7 Things That Lost Importance Now That I Have a Toddler

image source: heather neal
image source: heather neal

You’re probably waiting for me to list a bunch of mushy, sentimental, wise things like worrying about the little things or something like that. And while that may be true, that’s not what I’m talking about. These are the everyday things that I used to care about way too much or pay unnecessary attention to before I had a kid. Now that I do, my priorities have a changed a little bit. Here we go:

1. Showering daily

Or even every three days. I’m not going to be honest and tell you how many times a shower does or doesn’t happen around here. Once a simple, quick, absolutely essential task, showering daily has fallen by the wayside. Now it’s such a process that most days it’s not worth the struggle: the choices are a) (the good one) trying to convince the toddler to play on the bed or in the bathroom while I jump in and shower as quickly as possible, or b) have him bang incessantly on the shower door until I give up and get out, or c) shower with the door open to appease the toddler’s need to always be in the same room and freeze my butt off, making the shower as un-relaxing and un-rejuvenating as possible. Clearly skipping it is often the easiest choice. Pick your battles, right?

2. Drying my hair

When a shower does happen, then comes the additional obstacle of attempting to dry my hair without traumatizing the toddler with the noise or need to entertain himself for another 15 minutes (AKA forever in toddlerland). Half the time if I’ve gotten to shower at all, I’ve used up my allotted toddler-good-behavior for the day and end up with a wet braid dripping down my back for the rest of the day. See? Easier just not to shower in the first place.

3. Running a full load of dishes in the dishwasher

I used to be all “save the environment, don’t waste water” and would only run a load of dishes when the machine was absolutely full to the brim. Now I say, “Oh, there’s five bowls in there? Run it!” Clean dishes and an empty sink are my best friend. Out of sight, out of mind.

4. Eating my own food off my own plate

In toddler world, anything anyone else has is better. That goes for toys, games, and food. Pair that with the incessant teaching of “it’s nice to share,” and I’m SOL. I’ll get to keep an entire bowl to myself one day. Maybe.

5. Going out on the town

The husband and I love to have a good time. We have a surprisingly good number of night-life places to go to given the small-ish city we live in. Pre-kid, you’d find us at any or all of them any given night. Now you can forget it; I willingly and gladly choose sleep over going out. That’s not to say having fun doesn’t happen, it’s just usually not when I could be sleeping instead.

6. Makeup

Obviously if I’m OK with the lack of daily showers, makeup has lost its priority. With a kid in my face all day, it’s not like it’d stay on that long anyways. Although to be honest, I probably wear mascara more days now since I’m under the incorrect notion that it makes me look “put together” despite the three days of dirt and wild, messy hair that even a ponytail can’t hide.

7. A clean kitchen

Oh, how I love going to bed with a nice, clean kitchen. I like dirty dishes out of sight (see above), leftover food put away, and the counters wiped clean. But let’s be real, by the time I’ve used up every last bit of energy I have entertaining a toddler and trying to get him through the day unharmed, then completed the super-human feat of wrangling him into bed without a full-on brawl, the last thing I feel like doing is cleaning. It can wait until morning. So can the toys scattered across the playroom, the laundry still in the dryer, and the pile of mail on the coffee table.

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