7 Things That Make You an Awesome Parent

Maybe you’ve read the 13 Things That Don’t Make You a Bad Parent, but there are plenty of things you do every single day that make you a superstar parent!

Did I just catch you looking around the room; I’m talking to you!

Sure, 93% of the time you’re afraid you’re doing it wrong but that’s actually a really good indicator you’re doing it just right.

Still have your doubts? Let me show you!

  • Taking care of yourself 1 of 7
    Taking care of yourself
    Keeping up with your health (that means you too dads) is one of the greatest things you can do for your kids. Schedule that check-up without delay and hey, you might even get a sticker!
  • Being a Mama (or Papa) Bear 2 of 7
    Being a Mama (or Papa) Bear
    You protect instinctively because that's how you roll. Gold star!
  • Acting as a detective 3 of 7
    Acting as a detective
    You can find missing stuffed persons, toys, shoes and homework assignments all in record time. A+
  • Reading to your child 4 of 7
    Reading to your child
    Reading matters and you totally know that. Go you for taking the time to educate, inspire and connect with your child! High five!
  • Making it all better 5 of 7
    Making it all better
    You are the keeper of the bandaids, hugs and healing kisses that somehow make it all better. Well done!
  • Being a master scheduler 6 of 7
    Being a master scheduler
    You maintain order in an otherwise insane household. It's not easy but somebody's gotta do it. Bravo for TCOB!
  • Exercising patience 7 of 7
    Exercising patience
    You love unconditionally because you know no other way. Love that!

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What else makes you an awesome parent? Time to shine!

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