7 Tips for Decorating Cookies with Toddlers

decorating cookies
The next 2 weeks the house is full with all 4 kids home. We just moved into our house 3 weeks ago, so I am using these weeks to catch up on all of the holiday fun that we typically do pre-Christmas.

First up on our list of to do’s is decorating cookies. We typically do a round of cookie decorating and Christmas and Easter. Our older kids love it, but I had no idea that our 2 toddlers boys would have so much fun. Both boys sat, decorated and ate for almost 2 hours. I guess they saw it more of a sugar buffet, but we had a blast.

Decorating cookies with toddlers, just isn’t the same as decorating by yourself or with older kids. It’s messy, the results don’t look like anything Martha does and did I mention messy? Here are a few tips to help your holiday cookie ┬ádecorating activity go smoothly.

Here are 7 Tips for Decorating Cookies with Toddlers:

  • Craft Paper the Table 1 of 8
    To help with clean up - first things first, put either a disposable tablecloth or craft paper down on the table.
  • Pre-cut Frozen Cookies 2 of 8
    Target sells these pre-cut frozen cookies that work like a charm. The closer to Christmas, the cheaper they get!
  • Under-cook or Over-cook 3 of 8
    I over-cooked the cookies that the kids decorated and under-cooked the ones we actually ate. See future pics to see why we're not eating the decorated ones.
  • Expect Licked Bottles 4 of 8
    Yes, that's my kid licking the sprinkle bottle. I buy cheap sprinkles and throw away after the toddlers use.
  • Let Them Get Creative! 5 of 8
    Let them have at it and decorate
  • Let Them Get Creative! 6 of 8
    The boy just kept piling on the icing and sprinkles and then more icing and sprinkles.
  • Dirty Floors 7 of 8
    Be prepared for the floors to be trashed. The steam mop did wonders on the icing goo.
  • Have Fun! 8 of 8
    Have a great time even if that means that the cookies don't look all that great!

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