7 Ways I’m Striving to be a Better Parent in 2014

It’s a new year! I, like many of you, want 2014 to be amazing. One of the major things I want to do this year is be a better parent. I don’t think I totally suck as a parent, but I know there is room for improvement.

With four kids and two working parents, our life seems like chaos. I want to live intentionally and make strides to be a better parent to these kids that I’m so blessed to have.

Here are 7 ways I’m striving to be a better parent in 2014. 

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    In an effort to be a better parent, here are 7 things I'm going to do in 2014... 

  • More Fun 2 of 8

    I like to have fun. What I haven't done is included my kids in the fun. In 2014, we are going to laugh a lot more.

  • Less Yelling 3 of 8

    I yell. A lot. I know, I shouldn't, but I do, err... did. I am going to try my best to yell a lot less in 2014.

  • Make More Memories 4 of 8

    Life is all about making memories.  This year, I promise we will make many wonderful ones.. even if it includes making messes. 

  • Family Time 5 of 8

    It's hard having two tweens and two toddlers and finding things everyone likes to do. This year, we aren't letting that stop us from having family time.

  • Patience 6 of 8

    The boys are just 2 and 3. I need to show them more grace and patience. Sometimes, I forget how they really don't understand that they aren't supposed to do certain things.

  • Schedules 7 of 8

    Me and schedules don't get along. That being said, the kids need schedules. I promise to do my best to stick to schedules and create more routine this year.

  • Toddler Day 8 of 8

    When I quit my corporate job, I vowed to spend more time with the kids. Last year, I designated one day a week as toddler day. I let that day slide way too many times and it's time to fix that. More playdates and fun times in 2014!


What do you want to do better as a parent in the new year?

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