7 Ways My 4-Year-Old Is Becoming His Own Person

4 year old izaiahI am always amazed at how quickly kids grow up. Of course they grow bigger in size, but what I really find fascinating is how they become this little human with their own personality. Our sweet boy Izaiah is 4 years old and woah, this is definitely the year he is trying to define his role and place in our family.

Izaiah knows what he wants in this world, and he is determined to get it. From arguing to learning how to apologize, this 4-year-old is changing fast. Here’s how:

1. He’s Arguing

I say yes, he says no. I say up, he says down. This 4-year-old is convinced that he knows it all and that I am WRONG.

2. He’s Pushing Boundaries

While my kid has always been a boundary pusher, the age of 4 has brought on a whole new set of challenges in the boundary department.

3. He’s Understanding Timeouts

We’ve been doing the timeout thing since he was 2 years old. In the past, it’s been a constant battle sending him to his timeout location. Now, it’s like he understands the process and gets what he did was wrong and thus uses his timeout to think about his actions.

4. He’s Apologizing

“I sowwy Mommy.” Those WORDS. At 4, he is realizing the importance of apologizing. We are big on this in our house. We all make mistakes, we just need to own up to them and apologize, and Izaiah is now getting that. I can’t say he is always up for apologizing, but I’ll take whatever I can get!

5. He’s Sneaky

Sneaky, sneaky. This 4-year-old has discovered that being sneaky will help him get things he wants. On numerous occasions this past week, we’ve caught him trying to sneak his iPad into his bedroom, which is against the rules. (He would play ALL night long or until the battery runs dead.)

6. He’s Affectionate

My favorite part of my son being 4 is the affection. He wakes me up with a kiss on the cheek. He insists on hugs and loves to snuggle. I KNOW this won’t last forever, so I am taking it all in while it does.

7. He’s Helping Out

I can say my 4-year-old volunteers to help way more than my two older kids.  He loves to help cook. He cleans off the table. He picks up clothes. Now I just need to teach him how to fold laundry …

While the age of 4 has its challenges, I will say for this kid, it’s by far the most enjoyable year. He is healthy, active, potty-trained, learning his manners, and he loves his mama. What more could I want?


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