7 Ways Spring-Time Is The Ultimate Season For Hunting Toddlers!

At the beginning of spring, you’ll often see The Toddler in neighbourhoods (they duplicate!!!) running from their parents with glee, rolling around in the grass, splashing in puddles and shouting at the top of their lungs. This is because they have been set free after many months of being held captive.

Sometimes their eyes bug out or roll back into their heads. Have no fear. They are merely blissing out.

The Toddler – an indigenous creature to all that is wild, messy and free, is particularly rambunctious and hard to catch once released into the fresh air of spring. Which you might as well give up on now, since there are so many.

I don’t want to go so far as to say that they are about to engage in a non(ish)-hostile take-over of the world…but, awe heck: I’ll let you be the judge of that!

  • Hunting Season For Toddlers… 1 of 8
    Hunting Season For Toddlers...
    you know....beaws, wabbits and fawees.
  • Released From Captivity 2 of 8
    Released From Captivity
    Although the probability of having a melt-down at the mere mention of going inside is quite high - their adorableness still reigns supreme.
  • Wild Horses Won’t Stop Them 3 of 8
    Wild Horses Won't Stop Them
    Indeed. So don't even try. Just let them be free.
  • Poohsticks Forever 4 of 8
    Poohsticks Forever
    Once this game has been introduced to The Toddler, you'll be hard-pressed to tear them away from it!
  • The Toddler: Found In The Most Peculiar Places 5 of 8
    The Toddler: Found In The Most Peculiar Places
    Adorable yes, but they will attempt at using you hair as handles and letting go without warning to launch themselves to grab at branches, bugs...air/nothing. Wearer be warned. Hold on to them for dear life.
  • Natural Adventurers 6 of 8
    Natural Adventurers
    Be prepared with a bag of some sort in hand because they WILL want to collect everything that they find, rocks, leaves, sticks - even that old ketchup wrapper. You might as well start a scrap-book at home with some definitions or something. You may take small pleasures in wearing non Armageddon-type shoes outside again.
  • Evidence 7 of 8
    Gregarious in nature, The Toddler will at times momentarily succumb to the camera and maybe even smile in time for you to take a quick snap. They'll probably still be shouting or singing really loud, but still.
  • They Will, Eventually, Tucker Out 8 of 8
    They Will, Eventually, Tucker Out
    This is the plus side. All of the mess-making, merriment and loudness can now occur in the great outdoors keeping your home some-what more tidy, your earlobes un-accosted and bedtimes automatic. For the time-being. Soak this up while you can, because the potent seduction of fresh air and outdoor play will soon wear-off and pretty soon they'll be back to pulling on your leg for the iPad.


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