7 Ways We Ended The War on Food

A toddler being a picky eater is automatic terrain you can expect to wade through as a parent. Although this knowledge doesn’t necessarily make the experience any easier.

I may not have it all figured out, but I do know what has worked in our family. So.

I humbly present you with our tried and true forms of trickery, bribery, and honorable/questionable mentions in the ways of ‘good’ parenting. In so much as how we are trying to raise less-than-stab-your-eyes-out-picky-eaters. (It’s a term.)

  • Nothing is Ever Easy… 1 of 9
    Nothing is Ever Easy...
    Unless we're talking about french fries and ketchup - which clearly we know can't happen every day. No matter how peaceful every meal would be...
  • Grow Food 2 of 9
    Grow Food
    Your picky little eaters will soon be transformed into little gardeners who just can't resist the fun, beauty and satistying rewards of growing and eating the fruits of their labour.
    Get 10 tips for gardening with toddlers here!
  • Let Them Help Cook & Bake 3 of 9
    Let Them Help Cook & Bake
    Yes, it's messy. They'll be way more interested in eating food if you get them involved in the kitchen - even when it's not cookies and muffins.
    Learn more via le petit reve!
  • Get Creative 4 of 9
    Get Creative
    Get them to used to the idea of eating green food. Experiment in the kitchen with new ideas and ways of incorporating greens into dishes that the whole family can eat and enjoy.
    Get a yummy kale pesto pasta recipe via Disney Baby
  • Get Tricky 5 of 9
    Get Tricky
    When all else fails - I fully support and promote all forms of trickery.
    Check out 5 Ways To Get Toddlers To eat Their Greens
  • Make What They Love 6 of 9
    Make What They Love
    Last night I made pizza from scratch as opposed to ordering it like we usually do. I've been experimenting with dough making techniques and after a few failed attempts, I think I finally conquered pizza making territory. (To everyone's delight.)
  • Make It Fun 7 of 9
    Make It Fun
    When fun and important holidays roll around, the opportunity to make themed food is one you should take up.
    Learn more about Making Food Fun For Toddlers
  • The Necessary Distractions (aka: bribery) 8 of 9
    The Necessary Distractions (aka: bribery)
    Sometimes- a mama (or a pappa) has to do what they have to do. Television and singing songs/dancing around like a baboon are all favoured techniques of persuasion (on occasion), around here.
  • Less Is More… 9 of 9
    Less Is More...
    The bottom blue plate of food is the amount that we used to give our 3.5 year old and a little bit less to our 21 month old. Now...the top green plate is the amount we give to both. It's way less intimidating to them and we've found that they eat it up without being badgered to at least try (they were never expected to clean their plate) and usually (not always - especially if it is a foreign green leafy substance) they ask for more! Props to the daddy person for coming up with this idea.


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