7th Generation Diapers With Lorax Characters: Environmentally Heroic Or Hypocritical?

old on left, "new" Lorax band on right

I’m a big fan of 7th Generation products, specifically the diapers.  I like that they are plain, unbleached, and they fit both my kids the best of any diapers. They don’t  have a chemical smell, and they don’t smell strongly when filled with…ahem…waste.

Of course, another reason to like them is because they are the most environmentally-friendly disposable diapers out there, which could be argued as an oxymoron. I mean, is there really such a thing as an environmentally-friendly disposable diaper?

But regardless, I was bummed when was out of them the last time I ordered. I just finished my pack of less desirable diapers and reordered the 7th Generation ones. I was flummoxed when I pulled them out with a band of cartoon characters on the top.

Wait, what?

Did I get the right diapers? 

I checked the package. In the lower right-hand corner is a little 2 x 3 inch ad for the movie The Lorax.

When I looked at the diapers closely it’s just a two-inch wide strip of tape that has a bunch of little Loraxes with a sign that says “The Lorax approved.”

I’m on the fence about this new marketing strategy. On the one hand, The Lorax is a terrific book about the causes and effects of environmental changes. It’s a super introduction and reinforcement for kids.

But is this really about 7th Generation aligning itself with the environment, or is it about money?

I went to the 7th Generation site and apparently, I’m not the only one who had questions and comments. In fact, I’m late to the party– I blame and it’s lack of inventory for keeping me out of the loop.

I really hope once the promotion is over that my 7th Generation diapers will go back to their plain-old-light-brown selves, but I’m not going to stage a coup because of my disappointment.

What do you think? When you opened your box of diapers this month, did you do a doubletake?

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