8 Baby Items Used For Toddlers

When I was pregnant, I stood in Babies R Us with the black scanner in hand and stared at the giant wall of bottle nipples before me. I was completely overwhelmed by the options and sizes and it hit me…baby products are a beast in and of themselves. I scoured the Internet and books for up-to-date safety regulations and trusted mom reviews. I was determined to pick the best quality for my son.

Most of our baby items are now packed into boxes in the attack. The swing is stuffed in a closet upstairs and the bouncer sits covered in plastic. It has been a long time since I’ve touched a onesie or a cloth diaper and I gave our bottles away to those in need several months ago. But there are still some baby items that stand the test of time – baby items used for toddlers.

Here are the ones found around our home, going on almost four years of continuous use:

  • Think you’re done with baby gear? 1 of 9

    Think again! Click through for the traditional baby items you need to keep out to use on your toddler!

  • Infant puree pouches 2 of 9

    These were amazing on-the-go for baby food and we still keep them handy for our preschooler! He loves how they taste since I keep them in the fridge, they're like smoothies full of goodness on the go.

    Find here: Earth's Best

  • Board books 3 of 9

    These were simple, rhyming books for an infant and for a toddler, they're the perfect book for him to "read in bed" for naps and night. They're small enough for him to easily manage on his own and I don't have to worry about pages getting ripped.

    Buy here: Amazon for $5.39
    (non-affiliate link used)

  • Crib sheets 4 of 9

    Because he's in daycare, we still use all of his crib sheets to cover his nap mat.

    Buy here: Target for $9.99

  • Baby wipes 5 of 9

    I keep a small pack in my purse, car, at home...they're perfect for wiping off hands or chins or tables.

    Find here: Target

  • Sound machine 6 of 9

    We used a sound machine with our son from day one - the constant ocean/rain/heartbeat helped him fall asleep and stay asleep, soothed his fussiness, and let me not feel like I had to walk on eggshells while he napped. Three years later, it still does all of those things!

    Buy here: Target for $24.99

  • Diaper bag 7 of 9

    Flashback! That's me and Harry over a year ago! We still use our diaper bag, though on a less-frequent basis. For example, it was PERFECT when we went to the zoo for a change of clothes, snacks, and sunscreen.

    Find here: Petunia Pickle Bottom

  • Baby shampoo and wash 8 of 9

    I know we could move to shampoo/conditioner at this point, but oh, how I love the baby shampoo smell! He might be 17 and I'll be buying him baby shampoo!

    Buy here: Target for $8.99

  • Lovies 9 of 9

    My son still adores his lovey! His attachment has only grown deeper and we take this giraffe everywhere we go.

    Buy here: Amazon for $10.66
    (non-affiliate link)


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