8 Benefits To Taking A Parenting Break For A Weekend

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This is the life.

I’ve been posting a lot about how I took a weekend away from my kids for the first time since they were born.  I had an amazing time. I enjoyed every second, even the redeye flight to the East Coast.

Okay, that part wasn’t so great, but I was impressed with my quick recovery from such a flight, when at other times in my life, including pre-kids, I may not have faired so well.

Right now, I’m paying dearly for my fantastic trip, since my husband left for a business trip the next night and I’m left alone with a 3.75 year-old and a weaning 20-month old who really does NOT want to wean, but more on that tomorrow.

While I know it’s almost impossible to completely get away from your kids for an entire weekend (hey, it took me nearly 4 years) I found that once I did, I realized how it’s necessary once in a while. Obviously, there are benefits we can think of right away: sleeping in, no one to deal with but yourself, sleeping in, and also, sleeping in. But I would also like to point out, if you’ll allow me to do a little more spiritual digging, how many benefits I reaped from this trip, emotionally and physically.

It was good for me, but it was also good for my family. I got a weekend away. In return, they got a well-rested mom with a fresh perspective.

Check out 8 benefits to a weekend away:

  • Taking care of yourself. 1 of 8
    Taking care of yourself.
    Whether it's getting a manicure or a massage, or just giving yourself an eyebrow tweeze without your toddler tugging at you, being away allows you the opportunity to take a few moments to pamper yourself.
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  • Reclaiming your pre-baby self. 2 of 8
    Reclaiming your pre-baby self.
    Remember the days when you used to dance the night away, or (gasp) drink more than one glass of wine with dinner? Let loose, baby! You don't have to put anyone to bed tonight!
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  • Spending time laughing with grown-ups. 3 of 8
    Spending time laughing with grown-ups.
    It has been a long time since I was in an environment where a bunch of adults were able to laugh together about non-kid related stuff.
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  • Enjoying some luxurious leisure time. 4 of 8
    Enjoying some luxurious leisure time.
    Nap, read, heck...nap AND read. A weekend feels like forever when you're planning it, doesn't it?! Actually, it flew by, but whatever.
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  • Getting some alone time to think. 5 of 8
    Getting some alone time to think.
    Even though I was with a bunch of friends, I took a few moments to go running by myself just to think.
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  • Feeling appreciated 6 of 8
    Feeling appreciated
    I won't lie, I had a tiny grin on my face around 7pm when I got home and my husband said "I've been working all weekend!" Uh huh. Interesting.
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  • Appreciating your children (more) 7 of 8
    Appreciating your children (more)
    Since I'd never been away from my kids, it was really fantastic to be reunited with them when I returned. I was eager to spend time with them whereas I often take for granted the fact that we're always together.
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  • Appreciating your spouse (more) 8 of 8
    Appreciating your spouse (more)
    As the saying goes: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I have found that being the person who leaves makes you appreciate this saying more than being the person who stays, but perhaps it's different for everyone.
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