8 Clues You're the Mom of a Toddler Boy

Moms of toddlers aren’t hard to spot. They’re usually the ones driving the minivan in front of you with half a Diego backpack sticking out of the bottom of the door.

They’re the gals who always have a supply of tissues and Wet Wipes and maybe a juice box in their purses (only the straw is missing). They call the bathroom the “potty” even in the company of adults, and walk around the office humming songs from The Backyardigans.

Toddler mamas are a distinct breed. I recently rounded up clues that you might be the mom of a toddler girl, and today it’s the boys’ turn.

Here goes!

  • Clue #1: Your Stock Portfolio 1 of 8
    Clue #1: Your Stock Portfolio
    You own stock in Clorox Wipes.

    Submitted by Babble reader Sheri
  • Clue #2: Say My Name 2 of 8
    Clue #2: Say My Name
    You know the names of all 4,389 characters from Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • Clue #3: Uh Oh 3 of 8
    Clue #3: Uh Oh
    There's a constant trail of dirt and Batman underpants through your family room.
  • Clue #4: Grab the Bleach 4 of 8
    Clue #4: Grab the Bleach
    If the sound of a toilet flushing makes you run for bleach to tackle the bathroom floor!

    Submitted by Babble reader Haven
  • Clue #5: Treasures in their Pockets 5 of 8
    Clue #5: Treasures in their Pockets
    If you regularly find things in their pockets that don't belong in pockets- rocks, playground sand, etc.

    Submitted by Babble reader Stacy
  • Clue #6: In the Yard 6 of 8
    Clue #6: In the Yard
    Your front yard doubles as a restroom.
  • Clue #7: Yippee for Trucks! 7 of 8
    Clue #7: Yippee for Trucks!
    You are ridiculously pleased that there's construction going on down the street, and pack a picnic to go watch.

    Submitted by Babble Reader Melissa
  • Clue #8: You’re a Supermom 8 of 8
    Clue #8: You're a Supermom
    You know all about Super heroes. Even the ones (you think) nobody's ever heard of. Their real names, their powers, their nemesis'. Really. It's quite enlightening.

    Submitted by Babble reader January

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