8 Clues You're the Mom of a Toddler Girl

I love being a toddler girl mama. It’s always an adventure.

After having two boys, my daughter is a wonderful mix of little-sister-to-brothers and girly girl. She loves Legos like her brothers and can name all of the Star Wars characters. She’s fascinated by creatures of all kinds and loves swinging her plastic bat in back yard baseball games.

At the same time, though, she hates being dirty. Detests being hot. And her favorite book? A 1960s Little Golden Book called Little Mommy.

In some ways, raising her is very different than raising my boys. It seems that she was hard-wired to nurture in a way that they were not. She’s much more expressive with her feelings— good OR bad. My husband and I joke that at age three, our daughter already knows how to work a room.

I’ve asked some other toddler girl moms to share some clues that you just might be a toddler mama, too.

  • Clue #1: Frills 1 of 8
    Clue #1: Frills
    If you've ever Googled "How to get mud out of a tulle tutu."
    contributed by Babble reader Evin
  • Clue #2: That Song in Your Head 2 of 8
    Clue #2: That Song in Your Head
    You find yourself singing the intro song to Dora and Doc McStuffins while you do the dishes.
    contributed by Babble reader Melissa
  • Clue #3: Money, Money, Money 3 of 8
    Clue #3: Money, Money, Money
    Your daughter's clothes cost more than yours.
    contributed by Babble reader Treacy
  • Clue #4: Does That Come In My Size? 4 of 8
    Clue #4: Does That Come In My Size?
    Your daughter's clothes are way cuter than yours!
  • Clue #5: Tea Time 5 of 8
    Clue #5: Tea Time
    When your entire house is covered in pink, and tutus and full dress tea parties on a Tuesday afternoon, it is completely normal.
    contributed by Deborah of The Truth about Motherhood
  • Clue #6: Barbie’s Makeover 6 of 8
    Clue #6: Barbie's Makeover
    You find copious amounts of Barbie hair in your good brush.
  • Clue #7: This Little Piggy… 7 of 8
    Clue #7: This Little Piggy...
    You forfeit the opportunity to nap to paint her toenails as she sleeps.
    contributed by Teresa of Learn As You Grow
  • Clue #8: BFFs 8 of 8
    Clue #8: BFFs
    The hugs never stop, and the kisses overflow, and you suddenly know the true meaning of "best friends forever."

Mary Lauren Weimer is a social worker turned mother turned writer. Her blog, My 3 Little Birds, encourages moms to put down the baby books for a moment and tell their own stories. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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