8 Cold Weather Essentials for your Toddler

The cold weather has already hit us here in the northeast. After several cold days spent walking around the city, I realized that I am in no way prepared for this weather. We spend every day outside, so it’s very important that I get both of my girls the appropriate cold weather gear to keep them warm while we are outside.

Although it doesn’t get as cold here as it does in other parts of the country, it can get down to single digits and we do spend a lot of time outside. This week I was determined to do a lot of research on exactly what I need to get for the girls to get them through these cold months. Using some of my knowledge from previous years with my oldest daughter and after finding information online, I’ve come up with some of my must-have cold weather items that will definitely keep my girls warm all winter long!

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    Check out my favorite cold weather essentials for your toddler to get them through the season! 

  • Stroller Blanket 2 of 9

    We use our stroller nearly all day every day. Living in the city without an actual car to take us places, our stroller is the car for both of my girls. I want to make sure to keep them warm and comfortable while we are out and a regular blanket just won't do the job. In my experience 7 A.M. Enfant has the best possible blankets made especially for your stroller. They attach securely to any stroller and leave your child warm on those cold winter days. 7AM are tested to make sure your child is protected from the cold and can keep a child warm down to 5 degrees F. I love their new Chevron Blanket 212 because it can grow with your child and has an updated stylish look! 

    Get it from, $172.00 

  • Everyday Winter Boots 3 of 9

    We walk a lot living in the city and it's important for me to make sure that not only are my girls' feet warm during the winter, but that they are comfortable. I wanted to find a great winter boot that the girls could wear everyday when it wasn't snowing outside. My oldest daughter wore these UGG boots the entire winter last year and didn't complain once about her feet being cold or hurting. We could walk around the city for hours and her feet were warm. 

    Get them from, $110.00

  • Down Filled Jacket 4 of 9

    I've done a lot of research on the best kind of winter jacket for toddlers and everything that I have read says that they should be down filled. Last year I bought my oldest daughter this coat from J.Crew and I plan on buying one for both girls this year. The jacket made it through after wearing it every day of the winter, even through walking in the snow and the cold rain. 

    Get it from, $118.00

  • Mittens with Attached String 5 of 9

    There is nothing worse than losing one mitten from the pair that your little one wears during the winter. Now I will only purchase mittens that are attached so that I don't have any fear of losing just one. I love these mittens from 7 AM Enfant because they are insulated with the warmest and softest fabric. Simply put the mittens through each sleeve in your tot's jacket and even if they take them off, you don't have to worry about one falling to the ground. 

    Get it from, $18.00

  • Hat that Covers the Ears 6 of 9

    I bought Avery a hat that I thought would suffice for the entire winter until I realized that every time she pulled it up, she uncovered her ears, leaving them exposed to the cold. It was then that I was determined to find a trapper hat that covers her ears even when she tries to pull the hat up on her head. I love this hat from Gap because it's stylish, lined with a warm faux fur on the inside, and covers nearly her entire head. 

    Get it from, $22.95

  • Durable Snow Boot 7 of 9

    We don't get snow every day here living in the city, but when we do it's brutal for the girls to walk in. It's usually piled up on the sidewalks, which sometimes requires us to step right through it. We also love to go to the park on snow days to sled and run around. After doing a lot of research on snow boots for toddlers, these Sorel boots came back with great reviews. They are waterproof and tighten securely around the ankle so that snow won't come in. I love these boots so much, I'm thinking about getting a pair for myself! 

    Get it from, $50.00

  • Baby Wearing Cover 8 of 9

    Although nearly 7 months pregnant, I still wear Avery a lot. With all of the public transportation that we use, it's important for me to be able to get on and off easily without stressing over what I am going to do with the kids. There are some days during the winter that the snow is piled too high to push a stroller, yet I still have to walk my oldest daughter to preschool. On those days, I put Avery in the carrier and wear her. I want her to be as warm as possible when we walk outside. I saw this Cygnet Cover from 7 A.M. Enfant a couple of weeks ago at a trade show I attended and absolutely fell in love with it because it is exactly what I need when I carry Avery around during the winter. Not only does it attach to the carrier to keep your tot warm, but it can also attach to your stroller, making it very versatile.

    Coming Soon at

  • Neck Warmer 9 of 9

    I want to keep Avery's neck warm during the winter, but I don't want to put a scarf on her in fear that she might get it caught around her neck. I love this neck warmer because it's much like an infinity scarf that easily buttons and stays put on your tot's neck. It's just like wearing a warm turtle neck. 

    Get it from Sweet Kiddo Co, $24.00

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