8 Crafts to Celebrate the Winter Solstice

Celebrating Winter!

Do you celebrate the winter solstice? Or as most people know it … simply the first day of winter. We do!

I remember when I was a teen we would actually have a small fire outside in our fire pit, roast marshmallows, and say goodbye to the mild weather and prepare for a long and cold New England winter. Oh, the joys of Connecticut!

While we had our first big snow in October this year, we have been pretty mild until this weekend when the temperatures dropped. Now my kids finally understand winter is here.

This week we are going to do a couple little crafts to celebrate the solstice. Something I want my kids to know, and celebrate as they continue to grow up.

Do you and your family do anything special for the solstice?


  • Popsicle Stick/Paint Stick Snowmen 1 of 8
    How cute are these? You can make them as simple as a little paint and buttons, to all kinds of fancy decor!
    From Crafts by Amanda.
  • Cotton Ball Snowman 2 of 8
    Some construction paper, a bag of cotton balls, and lots of fun! Simple, easy, and most of the supplies you have hanging around the house!
    From All Kids Network
  • Winter Sun Catcher 3 of 8
    A great idea to learn about the sun and seasons while having a neat and easy craft project!
    From Family Fun
  • Snow Paint 4 of 8
    Snow paint! We actually used to use this on our Christmas Tree as "snow" when I was a kid! It makes for a fun painting project too!
    From Mom Endeavors
  • Soda Bottle Polar Bear 5 of 8
    This is a great idea! Maybe something your toddler would need help with, but a great way to practice recycling as well!
    From Kaboose
  • Handprint Winter Tree 6 of 8
    A great way to celebrate all the trees losing their leaves and getting ready for winter!
    From Kaboose
  • Snowman Printable! 7 of 8
    Color, and decorate your snow many any way you want to! It is a great idea for creative play. You can even paste the pieces on cardboard for them to last longer!
    From What The Teacher Wants
  • Wreath Tutorial 8 of 8
    A great way to make a wreath with construction paper! With adult help of course!
    From Our Small Town Idaho Life

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