8 Hairstyles for Boys (Plus Earl's Blank Canvas)

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That's Earl's hair ... in need of a cut.

I always prided myself on not putting much thought into my daughters’ hair when they were toddlers. Bangs and/or a bob and we were good. But with Earl, I can’t find a cut that I like. He’s had two official haircuts, the first a touch on the Justin Bieber side and the second a touch on the let’s-never-go-back-to-that-Great-Clips side.

That second one is what he’s dealing with now.

Earl has a mercifully high enough forehead that I don’t have to deal with another toddler cut just yet. But I need to stay ahead of it, because one more quarter of an inch and his father will start threatening to give him a buzz cut. Which? On that blond and fair child? No way. It would look too much like he’s going through chemo, and I don’t want to tug at people’s heartstrings unnecessarily.

My problem is I don’t know what kind of cut to get him. Boy hair isn’t really on my radar.

I decided to Google around for some answers and found these seven cuts. Hair texture makes all the difference, but I’m wondering: which cut does your toddler boy sport? Any suggestions for me? That’s Earl’s latest do (shaggy and grown out, alas) in the first picture. And please, no hair gel suggestions. I barely use hair product myself. No way is my kid going to be higher maintenance than me.

  • Earl hair 1 of 9
    Earl hair
    This is what we're dealing with. Super blond, medium weight, soft like a feather and not a hint of curl. Suggestions?
  • Timeless classic 2 of 9
    Timeless classic
    Isn't this the cut that every boy with straight, fine hair ever had? So how do you ask for it?
  • Floppy top 3 of 9
    Floppy top
    Keep trimming around the ears and let the top go. Cute, easy and a little rock-n-roll (see also: Kingston Rossdale)
  • Bowl cut 4 of 9
    Bowl cut
    This is the haircut that means well but never delivers. You think it's framing the face and providing plenty of visual clearance. But the line is too harsh.
  • Buzzed! 5 of 9
    The cut I'm avoiding, though this kid manages to pull it off. Thoughts?
  • Faux hawk 6 of 9
    Faux hawk
    Done to death but if it makes him happy ...
  • Real hawk! 7 of 9
    Real hawk!
    Now that's commitment to a style. Not that I'm thinking of buzzing Earl's sides anytime soon, but I say if you're going to make a statement, you've got to break out the clippers.
  • Uncut 8 of 9
    Trim the strays but other than that, let it go. Nice.
  • Curly 9 of 9
    Just like with girls, boys with curls have won the hair jackpot.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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