8 Outdoor Toys All Toddlers Need

Spring is Coming!

Spring and summer are right around the corner and if your toddler is anything like mine, 90 percent of his or her existence in these months will be outdoors. I cannot keep him inside once the weather breaks.

Since my oldest son was born we’ve collected a ton of different outdoor toys over the years, adding an actual swing set last spring, which they all adore.

We of course still enjoy going to the park and playing with toys we don’t have in our yard but if the kids had any choice, most of the time they want to go out and play right in our yard.

The best part about it is it really keeps them active. Which all toddlers should be!

I also have caught them using their creative imaginations together on a number of occasions. Pretending their bicycles are motorcycles and driving down to Daddy’s fire house, or across country to Disney World to visit Mickey Mouse.

I would love it if you guys would comment with your favorite outdoor toys for your kids to play with in the spring and summer as well!

  • Swing Set 1 of 8
    It could be plastic, wood or even metal. But if you have a yard a swing set is one of those things that will make your life so much easier!
    It doesn't need to be huge and fancy! Even the smaller scale sets your toddler will love to play on and explore!
    We have a middle of the road sized wooden one and all the kids really can play on it.
    Swingset available on Toys R Us
  • Teeter Totter! 2 of 8
    I love these myself, unfortunately I don't really fit on them anymore!
    They have all different sizes and types, but something like this one made by Little Tikes will be just right for your toddler.
    Plus it makes for a ton of fun when they have friends over!
    Teeter Totter available on Toys R Us
  • Trampoline 3 of 8
    You can get a little trampoline like this one or you can even upgrade to the giant ones.
    Of course always make sure it has some kind of safety net, you don't want a toddler flying off and getting hurt!
    Trampoline available on Toys R Us
  • Sandbox! 4 of 8
    Our toddler LOVES the sand box!
    All different toys they can use to play plus build stuff!
    What toddler doesn't love getting dirty?
    But make sure you get one with a lid! Don't want the neighborhood cats turning it into their personal potty!
    Sandbox available on Toys R Us
  • Water Table 5 of 8
    A water table is an awesome summer toy.
    We got our first last winter on sale and brought it out once the weather broke.
    My toddler especially loved playing in the water, pouring it all over himself and his brother.
    And it is easy to fill up!
    Water Table available on Toys R Us
  • Play Tents and Tunnels 6 of 8
    I wish I was small enough to still fit into these!
    My kids love them and they are perfect size for toddlers to adventure in!
    Play Tunnel available on Toys R Us
  • Bubble Blowers! 7 of 8
    There are all kinds of bubble blowers but our toddler loves playing with bubbles.
    I like the automatic blowers because then they aren't trying to blow the bubbles themselves and it keeps the soap off of their hands.
    And even better - out of their EYES!
    Bubble Blower available on Toys R Us
  • Play House 8 of 8
    Our kids love their play house.
    We got really lucky when a friend of ours closed her daycare and gave away all the toys she had in the yard.
    Talk about hours of fun and great imaginations!
    Play House available on Toys R Us


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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