8 Overrated Toddler Activities

Ready to have your fun ruined?

There are a lot of activities kids think are so much fun. And as parents, we never think about how horribly they just may end sometimes. We get ourselves into these nightmares thinking “Oh gosh gee golly this is going to be so much fun!” and end up leaving, thinking … I will NEVER do that again.

Unfortunately, there are many dreaded parenting activities we dive into without thinking twice. I’m here to warn you and save your future self from a day of misery.

Of course it is all in good fun. We should continue having fun with our kids and helping them explore in life. But what would parenthood be without some good sarcastic bitching about it … right?

What activities do you dread that your toddlers absolutely love?

  • Bubbles 1 of 8
    They are sticky and soapy and when your toddler gets covered in them and then rubs his eyes ... it turns into a total nightmare. Believe me, I have SO been
    there before!
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  • Sandboxes 2 of 8
    Toddlers love sandboxes, but unfortunately sand is one of those lovely things that ends up in everything. Shoes, pants, diapers ... you name it and your toddler will get sand in it. On top of that, it is damn near impossible to get sand out of all
    those cracks!
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  • Playgrounds 3 of 8
    They are fun for a short period of time until one of two things happens: 1) Someone gets hurt and it turns into a crying mess and a trip to Urgent Care, or 2) It is time to leave and it turns into a nightmare of temper tantrums because toddlers simply don't understand the 5-minute warning or why you have to go home. Of course, if they had a choice, they would live at the playground!
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  • Finger Painting 4 of 8
    Finger Painting
    Yeah, bright idea ... right? I am all for toddlers exploring their creative side ... as long as I am not the one cleaning up after this particular activity. I mean seriously, who ever thought it would be a great idea to let toddlers paint with their hands?
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  • Music Play Time 5 of 8
    Music Play Time
    Music is another awesome creative outlet for kids. But whoever thought making instruments as toys was an actual good idea should have their head checked. If you invest in the instruments, be sure you also invest in a bottle of Tylenol to go with it!
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  • Library Time 6 of 8
    Library Time
    Libraries have programs for your toddler, but don't attempt to bring them when it's not toddler time! I know our toddlers probably aren't welcome at our library anymore. It's a long story, but don't let this be you.
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  • Movie Theater 7 of 8
    Movie Theater
    Skip the newest kids movie coming out in the theater. You will be doing yourself a huge favor. To the kids, it will be just as good on DVD!
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  • Coloring 8 of 8
    If you have a toddler who is like my 2-year-old, it is likely he will steal and hide a crayon, which will later end up all over his bedroom wall.
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