8 Pool Must-Haves for the Summer

Summer has arrived!

Whew. That statement feels so good after what felt like the longest and most horrible winter ever. I felt like I would never emerge from my GLOOM AND DOOM of the bare months, but here we are with sunshine and humidity and sunscreen! This  year we’re in our new house in a suburbia neighborhood with white picket fences and a neighborhood pool.  In just a few short weeks of membership, we have blazed the trail between our house and the clubhouse almost every sunny day. We’re getting a chance to meet our neighbors and that delicious pool exhaustion cannot be beat weekend naps that still smell of chlorine and Banana Boat are my favorite.

Plus, having a pool membership means the three and a half year old is taking the longest, most wonderful naps on the weekends, giving me time to write and clean and…well, nap.

While we’re still a few years out from swim team, here are the pool must-haves you’ll need for spending long days by the water:

  • 2013 Must-Have List for the Pool 1 of 9

    Going to the pool with your toddler this summer? Be sure to take these must-have items!

  • A solid pool bag. 2 of 9

    I love our Lands End tote. It zips at the top, has pockets inside for organization, and a keyring for our pool passes. It's large enough to fit all towels and toys, plus it's so sturdy and holds up against getting wet it will last years, I predict.

    You can buy this canvas tote at at Lands End for $42.50!

  • A little cooler. 3 of 9

    Yes, a big cooler is nice for the beach and camping, but get a little cooler to keep a few drinks and sandwiches. I have this one and it fits into our big pool bag today it held two juice boxes, three cans of soda, and three sandwiches. You'll also need little refreezable ice packs to keep said drinks and eats cool.

    You can buy this lunch tote at at Lands End for $29.50!

  • Puddle Jumpers. 4 of 9

    We actually don't have one for Harrison, but it is THE product among the toddler and preschool sector in the water this year.

    You can buy Puddle Jumpers at Target for $18.99!

  • Sunscreen. 5 of 9

    SUNSCREEN, people. Skin cancer is not your friend! We're fans of 50 SPF you can still get a tan, but that 50 should keep you pretty protected. Remember, sunscreen only lasts a year or two. Since we're so sensitive to the skin thanks to Irish genes, we get new every year.

    You can buy this sunscreen at Target for $9.99!

  • A good cover-up. 6 of 9

    It's okay if you're in a bikini and it's okay if you're not. Personally, I like to be covered when I'm not in the pool. This one from Target is light and airy and flattering.

    You can buy this coverup at Target for $19.99!

  • Cheap toys. 7 of 9

    Do not invest in expensive pool toys take it from a gal that grew up going to a neighborhood pool. They'll get stolen or end up in Lost & Found. Get the little plastic $2.00 trucks from Target and write your name on them in permanent marker. Little cups and bowls also work really great as pool toys (think that old plastic pitcher at your mom's house).

    You can buy these Toypedo Water Bandits at Target for $4.99!

  • A solid summer reading list. 8 of 9

    My suggestions:

    Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (You can buy this book on Amazon for $15.00)

    The Thornbirds by Colleen McCullough (You can buy this book on Amazon for $11.83)

    A Circle of Quiet by Madeleine L'Engle (You can buy this book on Amazon for $12.48)

    Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (You can buy this book on Amazon for $8.99)

    Sultry With A Twist by Macy Beckett (You can buy this book on Amazon for $6.29)

    Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin (You can buy this book on Amazon for $11.26)

     Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (You can buy this book on Amazon for $8.61)

    (non-affiliate links used)

  • A few dollars. 9 of 9

    Believe me, the ice cream truck knows where its target market is the pool. Be sure you have some cash on you for ice cream, sodas, and swim team raffles and car washes they'll be holding right outside the pool gates.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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