8 Reasons that Daycare Sucks

As I pointed out yesterday, there are a ton of reasons to adore daycare Socialization and learning and life skills are among the top of them and we are extremely happy with our decision as a family for our son to attend daycare.

On the other hand, it’s not always cupcake unicorn sprinkles.  Sometimes it’s rough, like when he’s sick and we fight over who has to stay home.

Or when I’m running in the door at 5:59pm because a project went over and he’s the last kid there.  Yeah, that’s no fun either.

But here are the day-to-day things that make daycare kind of a drag and me long for the days of the one-on-one nanny:

  • Goodbyes 1 of 8
    Saying goodbye every morning is the worst, especially when he's going through an especially hard separation anxiety phase. He cries and you still have to walk away. Every. Single. Day.
  • Attitude 2 of 8
    Yep, your kiddo is going to learn her ABC's and 1-2-3's. She's also going to learn how to sas back and say "MINE!" thanks to her classmates.
  • Commuting 3 of 8
    Add another 20 minutes to your commute for daycare drop-off, which might include a kid not wanting to get in or out of her seat, separation anxiety, or a director stopping you in the hall.
  • Throwing 4 of 8
    He learned how to stack blocks like a pro! He also learned to throw them at your head! Yet another bad habit, compliments of being surrounded by other toddlers all day.
  • Sickness 5 of 8
    The stereotype of the constantly-sick daycare kid is sadly true. Count on almost constant sniffles and the "daycare cough."
  • Frazzled 6 of 8
    It's 5:30 and you just picked up your tired kid, but you still have to grab groceries. It's a balancing act and you're pressed for time as a momma.
  • Exhaustion 7 of 8
    Daycare gave him fun things all day and he's tired when he gets home. Unfortunately, that means that your play time with him is at his most whiny stage of the day.
  • Loudness 8 of 8
    Yep, her vocabulary exploded! So did her decibal range! She's used to shouting over her friends and the noise of the school, so she's louder at home.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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