8 Situations When Having Kids Is Extra Awesome

toddlersareawesome.jpg.jpgI am currently in the middle of a love-hate relationship with the toddler stage of development. One minute I’m smitten with my two-year-old as she creates sweet little worlds with her imagination, twirling in circles while singing show tunes at the top of her lungs and saying the sweetest and most hilarious things. And then the next minute it’s like she’s been possessed by the devil himself as she throws herself down prostrate on the ground, screaming and shaking and no amount of reasoning can calm her. It’s like Jekyll and Hyde many days. BUT … despite the more challenging moments, I really do love being a parent. Having kids is awesome and sometimes there are situations that make having kids even more awesome. Here are just a few …

1. When people help you carry stuff

Why yes, I would like some help with my groceries — thank you, kind sir!

2. When it gets you out of social obligations

“Oh man! We’re so bummed we have to miss Johnny’s graduation party … but it’s right during nap time!”

3. When you have an excuse to watch Disney movies again

Let’s be real: we all love watching Disney movies, but until you have kids it feels a little weird to buy your adult self a ticket to a matinee showing of Frozen. Never fear. Take your kids and you have the perfect excuse.

4. When they can bring you stuff

Ran out of toilet paper in the bathroom? You’ve got a kid for that. Hands covered in flour during dinner prep, but you need a measuring cup? You’ve got a kid for that too!

5. When they laugh at your jokes

Honestly, your jokes are probably nowhere near the caliber of Jim Gaffigan’s, but it doesn’t even matter. Your kids think you’re hilarious anyway.

6. When they say hilarious things 

You know who’s way funnier than you? Your kid. At least 20 times a day my kid says stuff that I want to write down and remember, because it’s just so funny. Watching them learn about and communicate with the world, navigating social norms they don’t quite understand yet … it is definitely hilariously wonderful entertainment.

7. When they give you an excuse for silliness

As an adult, you might feel a little silly going down a slide or running with abandon through the sprinklers, but once you have a kid in tow, silliness is totally socially acceptable … practically mandated, even.

8. When they serve as an ice breaker or an exit strategy in social situations 

I’m not always the best at social situations and sometimes I get awkward, but when you have a kid and you are around someone else with kids you instantly have a common bond that can be a great ice breaker. And if the conversation turns awkward? Kids are a great exit strategy too (i.e. “I guess we better get going! Almost lunch time!”).
What are some situations when you think having kids is particularly awesome?
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