8 St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Toddlers!

St. Patrick’s day is coming and it is the perfect time to start looking for great crafting ideas for your toddlers!

I went on a quest to find some I can do with our toddler that would be easy for him, but also something my oldest son would be able to participate in as well. Without getting bored!

A lot of the crafts I found are handprint related, which is great to use from year-to-year to see how much your kids have grown. I know in recent years crafts like that have become more and more popular with my kids because none of us can believe they are growing so fast.

On a side note — St. Patrick’s Day is really a favorite in my house because of my and my husband’s Irish heritage. I know it is so commercialized today, but we embrace it all. We actually drag all the kids to one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the entire United States, which takes place locally in New Haven, CT.  I am not sure where it fits into the grand scheme of parades this year, but in years past it has been the sixth biggest parade in the country.

Anyway! Here are the awesome crafts I found.

If you have anymore you would like to include, please link them below to share with all the other craft seeking readers!

  • Hand Print Leprechaun 1 of 8
    Hand Print Leprechaun
    How cute is this?
    It is a hand print which you can make into a leprechaun and of course a rainbow made while finger painting.
    A great idea to do year-to-year and mark the year and child that made it.
    From: The Many Layers of Me
  • Themed Paper Chains 2 of 8
    Themed Paper Chains
    Nothing beats a good paper chain.
    They are one of my favorite Christmas crafts and when I saw them in St. Patrick's day style I thought it is a really awesome idea!
    With just a little bit of help and some glue you can have your toddler help you decorate!
    From: The Hostess with the Mostess
  • Lucky Charm Necklace 3 of 8
    Lucky Charm Necklace
    I love macaroni necklaces!
    I secretly can't wait for them to start coming home from school!
    From: Busy Bee Kids Crafts
  • Hand Print Leprechaun 2.0 4 of 8
    Hand Print Leprechaun 2.0
    Another adorable hand print leprechaun!
    I like this one because it has different colors on the hand itself and also uses construction paper for the hat!
    From: Meet the Dubiens
  • Paper Plate Four Leaf Clover 5 of 8
    Paper Plate Four Leaf Clover
    Have extra paper plates?
    Turn them into a cute craft project that helps your toddler learn how to paint!
    From: Making Learning Fun
  • Cheerio Pot of Gold 6 of 8
    Cheerio Pot of Gold
    This is one of the crafts that you will need to do a lot to help your toddler, but it is worth all the time!
    It helps to work on color sorting and all kinds of fun skills!
    From: Playing House
  • Lucky Hand Print Four Leaf Clovers 7 of 8
    Lucky Hand Print Four Leaf Clovers
    How cute are these?
    If you make these on canvas they are reusable every year too!
    I love how they have glitter!
    From: Meet the Dubiens
  • Finger Print Shamrocks 8 of 8
    Finger Print Shamrocks
    I love finger painting projects!
    I think these are awesome ways to help with hand-eye coordination!
    From: GummyLump

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