8 Toddler Extracurricular Activities

Lately I’ve been thinking about putting our 3.5 year old son in an extracurricular activity. I mean, I know he’s at daycare/preschool all day, but I think he’d also love sport to get out energy and spend time with his friends outside of school. While soccer was a bit of a bust last year (he was too young at not-quite three years old), I think he’s old enough now to want to participate and follow the rules.

We’ve been looking at gymnastics classes, although the local gym here has a rumored insane wait list for the toddler classes. And of course my son will be a swimmer since I’m a licensed aquatics coach – he has two more summers until he can join the swim team, but I’m looking forward to cheering him on as he learns his strokes.

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  • Soccer 2 of 9
    Last fall, we enrolled our almost-three-year-old son in soccer. He was a little young for it, but we're looking forward to this year! Soccer is a great physical sport for getting out that toddler energy, plus teaching team playing and hand-eye coordination.
  • Piano 3 of 9
    I wonder if Bach started this young? For musical families, starting early on a musical instrument is awesome. It teaches patience and the life skill of practice, practice, practice.
  • Swimming 4 of 9
    This is such an important skill for everyone to learn, simply for safety reasons. Classes are taught in a fun group environment.
  • Dance 5 of 9
    A classic. I started dancing when I was three years old and loved how pretty I felt in my ballet skirt and shoes.
  • Gymnastics 6 of 9
    High on energy and muscle-building, this encourages listening ears and keeps a kid plenty exhausted (and ready for nap!)
  • Golf 7 of 9
    Surprised? Don't be! Our three year old is a whiz at golf. It teaches hand-eye coordination and concentration, plus it's a great father-son bonding time.
  • Mommy (or Daddy) and Me classes 8 of 9
    These are a great bonding experience, meeting other parents and kids, and getting the wigggles out! Even very young toddlers can participate!
  • Art lessons 9 of 9
    Kids love arts and crafts. While most kids get their fill in preschool/daycare for art, lessons could always be fun!

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