8 Ways Moms Are Just Like Their Toddlers

Hands Off!

I never really started to think about how much I am really like my toddlers until recently. I mean, I had three hours in a car, not driving, not texting… just looking, seeing, and thinking.

And it dawned on me, I have so much in common with these little people who run my life day in and day out. I mean, I would assume that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree when it comes to parenting kids right?

They mimic our behavior, likes, wants… everything. They are little miniature parrots. But I think as time goes on and they take over our lives, and what we do, and adapt them to their young mentality and lives, we eventually start to mimic them again.


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  • We all whine 1 of 7
    We all whine
    Whether we like to admit it or not, we whine... sometimes just as much as our children!
  • Bubble Baths! 2 of 7
    Bubble Baths!
    Who doesn't love a good bubble bath! They are fun for the kids, and let me tell you at the end of a hellish day... I NEED one!
  • Crappy TV 3 of 7
    Crappy TV
    We all love crappy TV. Whether it is those daytime soap operas, nighttime dramas, or cartoons that make you feel like you had a lobotomy!
  • Downfall of Dessert 4 of 7
    Downfall of Dessert
    None of us can resist sweets! You know that you can't... and your kids are even worse!
  • We Love Firemen 5 of 7
    We Love Firemen
    Whether you are a woman, mother, or toddler... there seems to be a obsession with firemen... You know it!
  • Our Sippy Cup 6 of 7
    Our Sippy Cup
    We love our sippy cup! Whether it is wine, soda, diet something... kids and moms both love their cups.
  • Electronics 7 of 7
    I know I can't live without my iPhone and I think my toddlers are starting to latch onto that need in life. Three words: Angry Birds Obsession

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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