8 Ways to Beat the Monster Under the Bed

Raise your hand if your toddler has an irrational fear!

Oh, all of you?  I thought that might be the case.

Sometimes it’s monsters under the bed or witches outside the window.  For my older brother, it was a tiger in his closet.  For me, it was a man under my bed.  (you know, with a knife. which is why I can never, ever let one body part hang over the side of the bed even though I’m almost 30.)  But no matter what that fear is or how irrational it may seem, it is 100% real to your toddler.

Which means don’t tease them about it.  Don’t call them a sissy or say that they’re not afraid, because they totally are.  On the other hand, you don’t want to coddle them because then they’re like, “Hey, mom seems to think this is real too which means OH MY GOSH REAL FEAR.”  Instead, you want to be cool and calm about approaching the monsters.  Let your toddler know that you hear them loud and clear and that you recognize their fear, but that the fear is something they can conquer.  Hey, big life lessons right there!

Here’s some ideas for beating that monster/witch/tiger/man-under-the-bed:

  • Create monster spray 1 of 8
    Create monster spray
    A favorite on Pinterest, fill a spray bottle with water & hand it to him. Monsters hate this spray! He can spray down any area where monsters might be.
    Photo Credit: sidewalk flying on Flickr
  • Have the dog search the room 2 of 8
    Have the dog search the room
    This one always works for us — we call Tuck in & she does a full sweep of the room with Harrison watching.
    Photo Credit: Beth Anne Ballance
  • Sit by the door 3 of 8
    Sit by the door
    This is a personal favorite of Harry's. He asks one of us to sit by the door until he falls asleep. It offers support without coddling him, in my opinion.
    Photo Credit: Beth Anne Ballance
  • Use a nightlight 4 of 8
    Use a nightlight
    If he's simply afraid of the dark, lighten the room up! Or turn on the hall light.
    Photo Credit: jayfish on Flickr
  • Wrestle the monster 5 of 8
    Wrestle the monster
    This one is a favorite in our house - Harry & his daddy "wrestle" the monster a solid 5 minutes before bedtime. Poor monster is beat to a pulp!
    Photo Credit: Beth Anne Ballance
  • Use a reward chart for staying in bed 6 of 8
    Use a reward chart for staying in bed
    The sticker chart is the ultimate toddler tool. Cheap, easy, and a visual way for the kid to track and show off success.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Give him a weapon 7 of 8
    Give him a weapon
    This one is probably controversial & it is up to you what your comfort level is. But you could give him a foam sword (easy to find around Halloween!) or set up a group of army men in his room for protection.
    Photo Credit: massdistraction on Flickr
  • When all else fails 8 of 8
    When all else fails
    Reenact the scene from Major Payne where he shoots down the closet door & says, "If he's in there, he ain't happy."
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How do you fight the bad guys?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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