8 Ways to Dress Your Tots Up for Hanukkah

With the holidays approaching, Christmas-themed gifts, clothing, and accessories are quickly popping up everywhere. We’ve all seen reindeer-themed sweaters and Santa hats but there never seems to be any fun clothing options for Jewish children.

Luckily, with sites like Judaica Specialties and Etsy, people are beginning to fill the more niche demands of families looking to be festive minus the Christmas tree.

Below are 8 items of kid’s clothing, perfect for children who are spending the holiday season playing dreidel, making latkes, and lighting the menorah candles. Check them out, after the jump!


  • Hanukkah Tie 1 of 8
    Hanukkah Tie
    This 3-D Hanukkah tie is conveniently sewed onto a onesie, making it the perfect outfit for temple.
    Get it on Etsy, $24
  • Hanukkah Suspenders 2 of 8
    Hanukkah Suspenders
    A quick and easy way to show off your kids' Hanukkah style is with the subtle use of suspenders.
    Get it on Etsy, $16
  • Challah Back T-shirt 3 of 8
    Challah Back T-shirt
    Here's a shirt that plays to a true Jewish sense of humor.
    Get it on Etsy, $16.95
  • My First Hanukkah Onesie 4 of 8
    My First Hanukkah Onesie
    Your baby may not appreciate gifts yet, but he still needs to get dressed!
    Get it on Etsy, $10.75
  • Hanukkah Jean Skirt 5 of 8
    Hanukkah Jean Skirt
    The surest way to get your daughter into the holiday spirit is with a festive and fashionable jean skirt.
    Get it on Etsy, $29.99
  • Dreidel Hair Clip 6 of 8
    Dreidel Hair Clip
    My daughter wears a hair clip every day, so this would be the perfect little token to change it up for the holidays.
    Get it on Etsy, $3.25
  • Hanukkah-themed Tees 7 of 8
    Hanukkah-themed Tees
    You can find many more of these hilarious t-shirts with slogans like "Got Gelt" and "I like Hanukkah a-latke".
    Get them from Judaica Specialties, $15.95 each
  • Dreidel Dress 8 of 8
    Dreidel Dress
    If your daughter likes to pull out all the stops on the holidays, I can think of nothing that would make her happier than this gorgeous dreidel dress!
    Get it on Etsy, $45

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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