9 Games Your Toddler Really Wants to Play


There’s no escaping it: If you’re indoors with your toddler for the day, often you’ll be stuck entertaining him or her for hours instead of attending to lofty goals like investigating cold fusion, drafting global peace treaties or, you know, cleaning out the kitchen junk drawer — all critical tasks that are rather difficult to accomplish with a chubby troublemaker underfoot.

That’s not to say that toddlers aren’t capable of entertaining themselves — it’s just how they choose to do it that can drive any mom or dad batty. Presenting nine games your toddlers would love to play, if only you’d let them.

Ring Around the Coffee Table

Run around the coffee table in circles. Whoever doesn’t pass out from exhaustion first wins.

Cheerio Minefield

Spill a box of Cheerios all over the kitchen floor. Giggle in delight as adults accidentally step on and crush them. For extra points, hide the Dustbuster, broom, and any other useful cleaning supplies.

Stairway Toss

Throw things down the stairs. The game ends when there’s literally nothing left on the second floor that’s not nailed down.

Guess What I Just Swallowed!

Grab something off the floor and put it in your mouth so fast that your parents have no idea whether you just ingested a crumb, a penny, or whatever random thing you just threw down from the second floor. When they ask you what you ate, don’t answer right away. Making Mommy and Daddy break out into a cold sweat is all part of the fun!

Hide and Lose Forever

Remote controls, cordless phones, Mommy’s favorite lipstick … all fair game in this thrilling quest to ensure parents don’t find their needed gadgets and doodads ever again.

Flat-Screen TV Chicken

Who can stand closer to the free-standing flat screen TV before Mommy loses her sh*t and drags him away?

Diaper Houdini

Who needs chains and handcuffs when wriggling out of a diaper is just as exciting?

Roll Play

Grab a roll of toilet paper. Unfurl the whole thing before an adult catches on and win a free, age-inappropriate lecture on the environmental damage caused by paper product waste and deforestation!

Bedtime Boomerang

Minutes after being tucked in for the night, climb out of bed and demand attention from Mommy and Daddy. Receive it, get tucked in again … then climb out of bed once more. Repeat at your leisure. Play this game skillfully enough and win a free sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s!

What fun-filled, maddeningly messy/dangerous/annoying games would your toddler love to play? Share your ideas below!

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