9 Great and Easy Toddler Yoga Instructional Videos

Not Just for Moms anymore!

Yoga seemed like the most popular trend a couple years ago, which quickly died down — but yoga for toddlers has to be one of the most interesting up and coming trends I have come across yet.

I didn’t even know it actually existed until two weeks ago when my two year old came home from school and told me all about yoga. Yup! He actually did yoga in class with his teachers and he was excited to go back to school two days later so he could do it again.

I was intrigued so I started doing some research so we could do it at home as well, because anything calm I can get him on board with is golden!

There are a ton of youtube videos out there for toddler yoga, and to actually do yoga with your kids!

I went through some of our personal favorites now and some that I found most interesting and put them together to help you guys get into the toddler yoga trend!

Granted — these videos look way more professional and safe than yoga does in our house! HAH

It certainly is so fun to do and I bet your kids will love it too!

Have you ever done yoga with your toddler?   Do you plan on trying it out?

  • Toddler Yoga with Jill from Baby TV 1 of 9
    Toddler Yoga with Jill from Baby TV

    Jill from Baby TV and her toddler put together a funny, and absolutely adorable video of going yoga together with your toddler!
  • Yoga Motion Warm Up 2 of 9
    Yoga Motion Warm Up

    Yoga Motion is a DVD collection available for moms to do with their children.
    The warm up video above is the sneak preview of the series!
  • My First Yoga: The Snake 3 of 9
    My First Yoga: The Snake

    My First yoga is designed to help your kids get introduced to age appropriate yoga.
    This video takes on the traditional snake pose.
  • My First Yoga: The Flamingo 4 of 9
    My First Yoga: The Flamingo

    Like the previous snake post video, my first yoga is designed as an introduction for young children to yoga.
    This time with the Flamingo pose!
  • The Sun Dance/Yoga: Bari Koral Family Rock Band 5 of 9
    The Sun Dance/Yoga: Bari Koral Family Rock Band

    A musical and fun twist to do some kid friendly yoga poses.
    The lyrics of the song actually are fun instructions for your kids to follow along!
    It helps with following instructions too!
  • Bug Kid Yoga 6 of 9
    Bug Kid Yoga

    Yoga in my School shares a video of bug yoga poses.
    Because what toddler doesn't love bugs?
    It is a great way to use nature to get kids more interested in staying fit!
  • Sleeping Little Bunnies 7 of 9
    Sleeping Little Bunnies

    This one is one of my favorites just because it is extremely adorable.
  • Yoga with Your Child 8 of 9
    Yoga with Your Child

    A great and simple example of using Yoga inside a pre-school setting like my son was able to do at his daycare.
    I love that other schools around the country are doing the same kind of activities at this age!
  • The Benefits of Toddler Yoga 9 of 9
    The Benefits of Toddler Yoga

    This is a great video to explain the benefits of doing yoga with your children.
    And what the actual benefits are, especially in totters!

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