9 Moms Reveal How They Get Their Kids to Eat

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Do you have a child that is refusing to eat? We have gone through this with our 2 older kids. All of a sudden, they show no interest in food and cop an attitude when you set food in front of their faces!

As a mom, my job is to raise and love my children, making sure that they grow into healthy human beings. Unfortunately, dear toddlers don’t care that in order to grow (or live for that matter), you must eat!  With 1 of my kids, I didn’t worry about it – as she was gaining weight and I knew she was getting enough food … but my boy? He was with me all of the time and was refusing food. At the time, I had 3 other mouths to feed! I couldn’t cater a meal just to him, and I did not want to set that expectation up.

If you have a picky eater, or a toddler who just seems not to be eating, check out how I solved my kid’s not-eating issue, as well as how other moms get their kids to eat.

  • How to Get Kids to Eat Their Food! 1 of 10
    how to get your kids to eat

    Are your toddlers being stubborn about eating? Hear how these 9 moms get their kids to eat!

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  • Play with Your Food 2 of 10

    I always try to have fun with my kids, and while I know some of my mom hacks may scare some moms, it works for me and my family. When our oldest boy was around 3, he stopped eating. He wanted to play, and food was not a toy. We changed that. We let him play with his food. Broccoli were trees, and we told him the chicken nuggets were animals that needed to be eaten. We acted like a monkey as we ate a banana. Did it work every time? Almost. Sometimes toddlers are just stubborn! But for the most part, making dinner fun most definitely encouraged his eating. 

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  • Opt for On-the-Go Food 3 of 10

    Autumn from Mama Challenge always has Go Go Squeez handy to feed kids on the go anywhere and everywhere.

    "It's a fun way to eat, and it's easy to take anywhere."

    Personally, I always keep a few of these in the car and in my bag for hungry toddlers, along with juice boxes. You never know when a hungry toddler might strike! 

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  • Limit Their Options 4 of 10

    Here is what Cintia suggests: 

    "Limit the Options" is my number-one trick. I noticed that my kids will eat whatever we eat, so we don't have adult foods and kid foods. We are a Brazilian-American family, so rice and beans is our staple. If they decide not to eat the vegetables, I'm satisfied they at least get the rice, beans and meat in. If dessert is available, they've been good about cleaning their plate in order to have dessert."

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  • Make a Sticker Chart 5 of 10

    Melissa from Sippy Cup Mom shares:

    "I have a sticker chart, I also have finely chopped veggies to put in his quesadillas and pasta so he doesn't know. The sticker chart works best, one sticker for eating his meal, two for trying new food and he redeems them for toys."

    Have you tried using a sticker chart for eating? We have just used one for potty training and it worked well!

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  • Pick Fruits and Veggies 6 of 10

    Heather suggests copycat eating where you have your child copy what you eat.  She also suggest hiding veggies in other foods and letting your kid participate in grocery shopping. Read her other suggestions for getting your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables.

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  • Use Bribery 7 of 10

    I like Amber's approach to bribing kids with a simple treat that is sweet but NOT overkill.  

    I bribe 'if you eat everything you can have a chocolate chip!"
    I may have to use this trick with our last child while potty training. It would of been a lot cheaper and less sugar than the gummies we bribed our toddler with. 
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  • Create a Positive Environment 8 of 10

    Tamara from Southern Yankee Mix suggests creating a positive environment.

    "No bad talk about veggies, like eww, veggies are gross!"

    I agree with Tamara. Putting a negative thought about something in your child's mind will only make them think negatively of the item. 

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  • Send Them to Family 9 of 10

    When I asked my mom friends how they got their kids to eat, my sister Betsy (who is an expert aunt and dog mom) chimed in with 

    "Send them to their favorite aunt's house."

    While she was being snarky, the truth is, my kids CHOW DOWN when they are at her house. We have eaten HUGE  meals, we walk into my sister's home not too long after — and they can eat again — raiding her fridge. Most likely this has to do with the unspoken rule of aunts and grandmas being able to load kids up with things mom and dad most likely wouldn't agree with.   

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  • Introduce Them to New Foods 10 of 10

    Gena from Captain Fussy Buckets says that her husband "encourages their son to try things by taking one bite."


    It's funny to think of the hesitation most of us have in trying new things and that by just giving it a try with one bite, we may just end up liking it. This is a lesson for us all!

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How Do You Get Your Kids to Eat Their Food?

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