9 Practical Tips for Saving Money on Toddlers

With four kids, it doesn’t matter to seem how much money we bring in – the expenses just continue to rise.  I have always been frugal to some degree, but now that our house is full of kids – watching where our money is spent is more important than ever.

As much as I like saving money, one thing that is a must is that the steps to save money have to be practical. I can’t do a massive coupon haul with two toddlers in tow, nor do I have time to sift through papers and cut coupons.

If you looking for ways to save money on your toddlers, here are 9 practical tips that I hope will help leave some extra money in your bank account.

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    toddler saving money

    Save money on everything from baby sitting to toddler underwear with these 9 money saving tips for toddlers. 

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    While of course, having a grandparent or other relative that doesn't charge would be the optimal way to save on baby sitting - that just isn't an option for some of us. Like yourself, who needs a night out with your husband, there has to be someone in your area that would like the same thing.  Try finding a baby sitting co-op in your area, where each of you takes turns watching kids. Yes, there will be some work - but you will get that date night you have been longing for!

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    With 4 kids, buying clothes each season can be painful. To maximize savings, I try to shop a season ahead. For instance, right now summer clothes are on clearance at many stores.  I have picked up several pairs of shorts, swim suits, tank tops, etc for my kids for next year. Yes, it's not always an exact science, but with toddlers it's much easier to determine their size 6 months from now than when a child is older.

    If you like to shop in season, try consignment sales and resale shops. You can save 40-50% off name brand retail prices by changing where you shop!

    And of course, there is always the tried and true way to save money on toddler clothes, hand-me-downs!

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    Save on disposable diapers by finding coupons. Before you fret - it's really not that hard and you can definitely save some money.  The major brands often have downloadable coupons that you print from your computer.

    To maximize your coupons, follow Baby Cheapskate and find out this week's diaper deals.

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    The price of diapers can add up. Here are a few ways to save on diapers. If you are using cloth diapers, consider purchasing used. I know, it sounds gross and while we are a disposable diaper family, I have a few budget conscious friends who swear the best way to buy cloth is by buying used.

    If buying gross is just too much for you to handle, check for online deals!

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    Okay, this may sound stupid --- UNLESS you have purchased toddler underwear! Those little undies can get expensive, especially when you are going through 5 a day when potty training. Here are 2 things that can save you some money on toddler underwear.

    1. Try to avoid the toddler/baby section for purchasing underwear! Go to the boy's or girl's department and look for the smallest size underwear package.  We were able to purchase 7 pairs of boxer briefs in the boy's department for cheaper than 3 pairs in the baby department!

    2. Look for toddler underwear at discount stores like Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I've found cute cartoon toddler undies for $2-$4 cheaper a package at these stores.

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    We often share meals with our toddlers when eating out. We also try to go out to eat when kids eat free. At home, the toddlers get the same food as the older kids and adults. While sure, there are meals where they are being stubborn and not wanting to eat, we don't make special meals just for them.

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    I love doing crafts with our toddlers, especially now with Pinterest. Except, one problem. Crafting can get expensive. We stick with crafts that include supplies from the Dollar Tree or things we can find around the house.

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    Craigslist, garage sales, and consignment sales are great places to buy expensive toys, such as power wheels, cozy coupes, and play kitchens.

What is your favorite way to save money?

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