9 Things I Learned From Road Tripping with Toddlers

Road tripping with toddlers, yeah let’s talk about that. This past weekend, we packed up the car and our 4 kids and headed out for a nice long 12-hour road trip from Dallas to Nashville, TN.  My brother-in-law and his family moved to music city and we’ve wanted to visit, but could never find the right time until now. We’ve been planning this getaway for a while so mentally I was just in GO MODE. What I didn’t think about was well… the 12-hours it would take to get there.

We made it. It was long, painful and well, it’s done. At least we are here and don’t have to leave for a few days. The 12 hours on the road did teach me a few things about road tripping with toddlers.

Learn from my mistakes:

  • Road Tripping with Toddlers 1 of 10

    Road tripping with toddlers can provide quite the education. Check out what this mom learned on their family road trip. 

  • Overpack the Meds! 2 of 10

    The toddler has never had an allergic reaction to anything we've given him before. Of course, it never fails that in the midst of a 12-hour road trip, the little dude breaks out in some weird rash. 

    Thank goodness we over-prepared with a bag of medicine that had just what we needed to keep the little man happy.

  • Teach Toddlers About Tunes 3 of 10

     Road trips are a great time to introduce your toddlers to good music. 

  • Potty Training While Traveling is LAME 4 of 10

    UGH! I have a hard time using public bathrooms. What's worse than me having to use them? My son having to use them. He touches EVERYTHING.  

    (Tip: Check out these 3 apps to help you find a clean bathroom.)

  • Flexibility 5 of 10

    I'm not typically a schedule person, but my husband suggested putting one together for this trip. Yeah, about that... when road tripping with toddlers, you must be flexible.

  • 3 Hour Limit 6 of 10

    At the 181 minute mark into our road trip, we learned that our toddlers explode into screams after 180 minutes.

  • Spare Clothes Need to be Accessible 7 of 10

    That's my kid at the Cozy Corner BBQ in Memphis, TN. Yes, he is pantless. His mother failed to pack a spare set of clothes in a reachable location. #MomFail. 

  • Candy 8 of 10

    While candy makes toddlers happy.... toddlers can only eat so much candy... 

  • Embrace Sleep 9 of 10

    Embrace any quiet sleep time you can get from your toddlers. In our 12-hours with 4 kids, we had FEW moments of quiet i.e. only when they were sleeping.

  • Netflix Kills Your Mobile Data Plan 10 of 10

    So of course we resort to Netflix to entertain the toddlers on the iPad while road tripping. Except one problem, Netflix streaming KILLS your data plan!  


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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