9 Things My Toddler and My Cats Have in Common

Weebles! For felines and humines!

For any of you who may not be familiar, I have two rescue cats. Percy, a brown tabby who is somewhere around 3 years old and allergic to food. And Wink, a seven-year-old orange tabby with one eye and thumbs. We rescued them last year from the Indianapolis Humane Society on my half birthday (October 28th) when Vivi was 5 months old. We figured with Vivi being immobile, the cats would have enough time to adjust to her. Truthfully we went in with the intention of getting one cat (Wink) but when I turned around after petting Wink, I found Percy curled up in Vivi’s stroller purring as she tugged on his fur and pulled on his ears.

Any cat who willingly put up with a baby? That was the (second) cat for us.

Cats and toddlers have a lot in common, I narrowed it down to nine, with tenth being I can’t imagine my life without either of them.

  • They bring you random treasures 1 of 12
    They bring you random treasures
    I have had many a (toy, thank you) mouse dropped at my feet by both cats. Supposedly it's a sign of affection and respect when cats bring you dead stuff, or that's what cat owners tell themselves so they worry a little less about their own perishable mortality. Vivi likes to bring me stuff too, specifically bits of confetti or tissues from the garbage.
  • They sleep in funny positions 2 of 12
    They sleep in funny positions
    Vivi's classic position is on her belly, bum in the air, ankles crossed (we wouldn't know this without a video monitor of course.) Wink's is curled up in a tight little ball, paws covering his face and Percy's is both feet hanging over his bed like he's having wild and vivid dreams about being Superman.
  • They love to stretch 3 of 12
    They love to stretch
    As chubby as Vivi is, she's surprisingly bendy. As far as cats? I can assure you I'd have far fewer back problems if I could stretch as well as them.
  • Streeeeeetch 4 of 12
    Wouldn't it be amazing if we could all wake up and stretch our backs out this well?
  • They know when chow time is 5 of 12
    They know when chow time is
    Round about 7 am and 5 pm you'd better be careful going near the cats' food bowls. Something in their system says FOOD TIME and if you dare go near they will assault your ankles with love until the kitty kibble has been delivered. One of Vivi's most used words is "EEEEAT!" and once she says it, you'd better already be in the act of preparing one of her daily meals.
  • They spook easily 6 of 12
    They spook easily
    Both cats and toddlers KNOW when they're doing something they're not supposed to be doing. We prefer to wait until the cat's face is just close enough to to a plate of food or our water glass before making a loud hiss noise causing them to jump and run for the hills (pantry.) We do the same thing with Vivi, she gets so close to the power button on the DVD player before letting out a sharp "NO" or "HEY" she too jumps, but instead of running turns and grins at as like "Ha! Did you think I was gonna touch that? Pfft. I know better! LOOK HOW CUTE I AM!"
  • They prefer soft places 7 of 12
    They prefer soft places
    We keep a several big fluffy pillows in our front room for naps, playtime, pillow fights or soft barricades. If one of the pillows happens to be in the middle of the floor you can bet that Vivi will be on top of it. If I leave my duvet piled up on top of my bed? The one eyed cat makes a nest out of it.
  • Wink and Cody snuggle. 8 of 12
    Wink and Cody snuggle.
    It seems to me that Wink has forgotten that I saved his life, every night I find him right on top of Cody. All night, every night.
  • They like to be in the middle of your business 9 of 12
    They like to be in the middle of your business
    At this very moment I am fending off wild affection from a certain brown tabby who insists NOW is the time he needs love and attention. Not earlier when I was perfectly available for chin scratches, but NOW. Now that the toddler is napping and I'm getting actual work done. If you sit on the floor? Vivi will be backscooting into your lap with a book and if you dare attempt to prepare a meal? She will chisel her way between your legs and the cabinets and push you away until your full attention is on her.
  • Boxes 10 of 12
    If I didn't think the title "If You Give a Cat a Box" was a bit of a copyright infringement it would be in bookstores this fall. It's suspenseful and riveting sequel "If You Give a Toddler a Box" would be out early next spring. The one eyed cat prefers to sleep in them, the two eyed cat hunts shadows in them and Vivi just sits in them.
  • Wink in a box 11 of 12
    Wink in a box
    Leave a box out? You'll trap a Wink within the hour.
  • They play with weird stuff 12 of 12
    They play with weird stuff
    The cats love pipe cleaners and leaves, Vivi loves cans. Root beer cans (pictured), lemonade cans, cans of water, basically any can that contains a beverage. She prefers them full and unopened but she'll take them empty as well. She's also taken a serious liking to Addie's bike helmet.

Our life is never boring with these three around.


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