9 Things You Can Learn About Motherhood While Away From Your Children

I’ve been traveling all week for a work trip. While I hate being away from my girls, I do appreciate the alone time that I get. It allows me to relax and refocus on life and on motherhood. This is my last trip away before we welcome a new member to our family. Being pregnant has made it even harder for me to leave my children. I don’t know if it’s my hormones leaving me over emotional or just knowing that my time with just my two girls is quickly dwindling. While I was away, I had a chance to recharge and think about my life as a mom. It’s nice to sit down and reflect on motherhood because it’s rare that we, as moms, get a second of quiet uninterrupted alone time. There are so many things that I learned about myself and my children while I was away that will not only make me a better person, but a better mom as well.

  • Sleep is Essential 1 of 9

    This might sound like a no brainer, but for a lot of us moms that try to "do it all" we often put sleep on the side burner. We go to bed late and wake up early in the morning to the sounds of our children calling our name. While I was away not only did I get to sleep in a bed all to myself, but I had the chance to sleep in. I didn't set an alarm clock, I turned off my phone and just slept. I woke up feeling refreshed 

  • You Have to Set Aside Time For Yourself 2 of 9

    Time alone is essential for moms and I'm even more aware of it now than I have ever been. It's very rare that we get time alone. And not just away from the kids, but really alone. You, by yourself, for an extended amount of time. It was so refreshing to have a hotel room to myself, to sleep in a bed by myself, and to sit and have a meal alone. Those are things I would have never thought that I would have enjoyed, but it allowed me to really have time to focus on me.


  • Your Kids Can Do it Without You 3 of 9
    Although we play a very important role in our kids lives, they can get along without us for a few days. I was so nervous leaving them that things just wouldn't run as smoothly as when I am home with them. But you know what? Everything was fine. My kids missed me, but not so much where they cried themselves to sleep every night. Every time I video chatted with them they were all smiles.
  • Your Kids are Always a Part of You 4 of 9

    Even when I am away from them, my kids are still a part of me. While I was away there were so many things that reminded me of them and excited me more because I knew that they would love the story when I got back home. I had the chance to go to a red carpet premiere while I was away and rather than getting excited about seeing the big celebrities from the movies and television shows that I watch, I was excited about seeing the stars from the Disney shows my oldest daughter watches because I know she would appreciate how special it was. 

  • Separation is Good for Everyone 5 of 9

    It's important to give each other space as it helps build independence. Not only for my girls, but also for me. Sometimes I feel that my kids are so much a part of me that I am losing some of myself. With our children our number one priority, it's easy to make them so much a part of our lives that they are sort of an identity for us. When we separate from them, it's a time for us to find bits and pieces of ourself again. And that's a good feeling.

  • Don’t Let the Guilt Get to You 6 of 9

    It's only natural for us to feel guilty when we leave our children. Don't let that feeling get to you. I knew that it was going to be hard to leave my girls and that they didn't want to see me go, but ultimately I knew that my trip was what was best for me and best for my family. 

  • There is no Greater Feeling than Reuniting 7 of 9

    I got home late and after the girls had gone to bed. The next morning they woke up and came into my room yelling my name with huge smiles on their faces. Although it was good to be away, there is no greater thing than having them run into my arms and embracing me. 

  • Allow Yourself to Be Emotional 8 of 9

    It's okay to let yourself be upset that you are leaving your kids. The day before I left I was so sad that I had to leave them that I just let myself cry in my room. I cried on the way to the airport as my heart ached that I was going to have to be away from them for an extended period of time. Allowing myself to get those emotions out and really let them show helped me have a better time while I was gone. 

  • Things Get Done So Much Quicker Without Kids 9 of 9

    It's so funny that I never realized how quickly I can get ready or even pack my bags without having two girls running around and having to get them ready and dressed. Packing my suitcase, getting ready each day, and even going through the line at airport security went so much quicker when it's only me. It's little things like that that because I am rarely traveling alone, it makes me appreciate it a little bit more. 

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