9 Ways I Cope With My Working Mom Frustrations

Just earlier I wrote about the 7 things I’m struggling with as a mom lately, specifically in regards to the amount of work I face between home and blogging and my 9-5 job.  It’s hard not to feel run-down and isolated, so I love being able to put it out there even if one person goes “whew, thank God I’m not alone.” You know?

A lot of our frustrations as mommas are things we “signed up for” but I don’t think that always means that we have to suffer constantly through the hard times. I don’t think it means we have to become martyrs but I do think it means we have to start “working smarter.” Shift schedules around, find new things that work, and take a few moments to ourselves to recharge.

Here’s how I try and take a step back so I can move forward & I’d love to hear your tips, too:

  • When all else fails, get some sleep 1 of 9
    When all else fails, get some sleep
    Tell the day "I QUIT YOU!" and do early bedtimes for everyone.
  • Coffee 2 of 9
    I have a cup (or three) in the morning but on days when I am easily frustrated and tired, I grab a fresh cup after lunch. It just gives me a little boost to tackle the tough stuff until 5pm.
  • A few minutes for mom 3 of 9
    A few minutes for mom
    Confession: Sometimes this is done in the bathroom when I'm sitting on the floor with the door locked, pretending to be going potty but really, I'm reading Southern Living.
  • Dress for the day you want 4 of 9
    Dress for the day you want
    One of my favorite bloggers, Dear Abby Leigh, talks about "dressing for the day you want to have" rather than the day you're going to have. So on the days where I'm like, "OH NO. NO WAY DO I WANT TO GET OUT OF BED," I put on one of my favorite outfits.
    Check out more posts at Dear Abby Leigh!
  • Get some sunshine 5 of 9
    Get some sunshine
    Vitamin D does the body wonders, so I'm careful to soak up a few minutes each day, whether it's in the sun or by artificial sun lamp. (Not too much, of course!)
  • Have a glass of wine 6 of 9
    Have a glass of wine
    Or tea. Or beer. Or coffee. Whatever helps settle your nerves. Pour a glass and have a seat before charging in to cook dinner, clean, start homework, or write.
  • Work out 7 of 9
    Work out
    Get those endorphins going! Carve out 30 minutes each day to get moving, whether it's a walk or training for a triathalon.
  • Connect with friends 8 of 9
    Connect with friends
    Take an hour to meet a friend for coffee and chat it out. Talk momma stuff or avoid the subject all together. Can't carve out an hour? Shoot off a quick email instead. Sometimes just saying "Hi, I miss you and being a mom is hard," creates wonderful bridges.
  • Pray or meditate 9 of 9
    Pray or meditate
    Deep breaths in and out. I think about how what I'm facing is a small obstacle in the grand scheme of life, that I have first world problems, and I rely on my faith to get me through the emotional stuff that feels impossible.

How do you cope?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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