A $3,000 Aston Martin Stroller Hits the Market, But Is It Worthy of Your Tot’s Spit-Up?

Aston Martin Silver Cross
Martin. Aston Martin. (Or as your toddler will call it: A Good Place as Any to Puke)

At this point in your toddler’s life, you surely realize that a good stroller is invaluable. Getting that squirmy, sneaky, sleepy and sloppy toddler from Point A to Point B could sometimes never be managed if left to their own devices and on their own two feet.

Which is where a good stroller comes in. But just how good should that stroller be, exactly? Given just how sloppy a toddler can be (think explosive diarrhea, dripping ice cream cones and leaking sippy cups full of staining-red juice) — do you really want a stroller that costs as much as the monthly grocery bill for some small third-world nations?

And yet Aston Martin, the maker of James Bond’s luxury wheels, is ready to take your tot for a spin. With the same leather used in their cars and aluminum alloy wheels “based on the $1.8 million Aston Martin One-77”, according to the New York Daily News, it is guaranteed to be “a smooth ride for all.”

Oh yeah — it’ll be a pricey ride, too. At $3,000 a pop, is this really what you want your little one in when they finally figure out how to take off their diaper? Or for that much money does it come with a James Bond-style self-cleaner?

If your answer is yes, you’d better hurry. Only 800 are being made. (We’ll take two, please.)

Photo credit: SilverCross.Co.UK


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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