A Comparative Look: 3 Years of Gratuitous Pumpkin Patch Photos & Counting!

I vaguely remember our 1st trip to a pumpkin patch as a family. Wyndham was just over a year old and Abby was but a dream. (A very close-to-coming-true-dream, little did I know then.)

How long will it be until my kids roll their eyes at the mere mention of going to the pumpkin farm each autumn? How many years do I have left before I just can’t milk it any longer and the undeniable truth is staring me right in the face; being that my big kids would rather go with their friends, or go to the mall or do pretty much anything else than go on a tractor ride with their dad and I to pick a bunch of pumpkins to serve my sordid gourd addiction. (Gourds on tables. Gourds on mantles. Gourds in clusters. Gourds on shelves. Glittered gourds, candle-holder gourds. All of the gourd crafts and all of the gourds in all of the (right) places).

I mean, obviously I’m going to force them to come with us until I can’t justify doing so anymore. I took a thoughtful look around the farm last weekend when we were there and saw families of all ages. This reassured me. We’re good, I thought. My kids will be like those kids, who still love my company (because I’m sort of awesome), and in the very least are going for the popcorn and the hayride.

Perhaps they will get a little tweak of nostalgic joy from it all while they are pretending to hate it.

All of this? All of this would be me getting ahead of myself, which I’m rather good at – especially when it involves meandering over photographs of our life and times adventuring and frolicking in the ways that we love best; our little family.

Obviously (isn’t it?), I’m so smitten with all of this tradition because I know that one day, one day however far off, it’s these photographs that I’ll cherish, it’s these times that I’ll remember so fondly, years after the memory of the all the tantrums and bum/nose wiping has melted away. All that will be left of this time in our lives is this. The perfection of these days, sandwiched in between the continuity of mess and madness, salty tears, and snotty kisses.


Enough with melodrama. I need not wax poetic anymore about how we make it to the Pumpkin Farm every year come Hell or high water, and that this autumn in particular we’ve already been twice because all of those bouncy castles (3!) animals, rides, corn-mazes, and hay-rides equate to a hefty dose of  toddler crack. This pumpkin patch business is made up of the stuff kids love the most.

Me too.

  • Obligatory & Totally Necessary… 1 of 9

    Okay, so maybe there's only one comparative shot of 3 years in total...we were in the newborn (colic!) and toddler stage, need I say more? Regardless, there's an awful lot of cute going on from last year and this at our local pumpkin farm...

  • Wide Load 2 of 9

    A wagon simply won't do anymore for these wily, gangly pumpkin hoarders. Give them all. the. pumpkins. (Or prepare to pay.)

  • Still Cute 3 of 9

    The cute factor isn't going to go away anytime soon, however Abby's enthusiasm for picking pumpkins has grown considerably from that of last year.

  • Tough Guy 4 of 9

    Wyndham's pumpkins need to be larger than his head. Clearly.

  • Rare Sighting 5 of 9

    Last year, Abby wasn't a fan of the patch and all of the vines. Those vines really pissed her off. Me on the other hand she likes. 

  • Mighty Fine Father 6 of 9

    With a spoon I tell ya, with a spoon. All three of them, my heart. My life. The end.

  • Queen of the Patch 7 of 9

    I swear she remembered her hate for the patch as she was wary going in on that wheelbarrow ride. Save for a few incidents wherein she gave some frisky vines a serious tongue lashing, she then got right down to business. Don't mess.

  • It’s In The Simple Things… 8 of 9

    I'd say my top three favourite annual family traditions/activities involve agriculture. Shock, that. Berry, apple, and pumpkin picking. If the threat of these things not happening for us/me when the season comes, things get bad. Real bad. Which, in realty, hasn't happened yet, so we're in the clear. 

  • Home Again, Home Again 9 of 9

    And that folks, is what I do with all of the stuff procured at the pumpkin patch. Autumn has indeed thrown up all over our porch and it looks FANTASTIC. The best part of the 'decor' being those two little pumpkin heads.

You can see the rest of this year’s pumpkin patching over here!


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