A Daddy’s Love

A Daddy's LoveIt’s something we just do, over hot tea and lazy holiday mornings: we linger over our thoughts and space out, reminiscing about the past year. At least I know I do. I catch myself doing it every year around this time, right after Christmas on the cusp of a new year.

This year has brought many a challenge to many families I know, our own included. Plenty of hard work and fierce love has brought us home, together, where we belong, and I find myself feeling extremely lucky. Safe. Warm. Fed. Loved. Privileged, in fact–with our beautiful home, Internet musings, tree-top trimmings and wish-list fantasies come true.

I find myself adoring my man, the father of my children, more than I ever have before. I watch and revel in how he fathers, dotes on, and disciplines our young children. His unwavering love has taught me things I never knew. How a family can be, through all of the highs and lows, together and united at the core no matter what. This is no longer a foreign concept to me.

This thing we’ve built together is rather uncommon, I think–in all of it’s gritty realness and lasting truth.

More than just a present, stable person in their lives, one whom provides a roof over their heads and food for their bellies; my guy is an ever-giving source of entertainment, patience and fun. He plays with them for hours and hours and loves every minute of it. He doesn’t consider watching his own kids ‘baby-sitting’. He changes the diapers, gets up in the middle of the night and gets right in on the potty-training. He’s there for the glory and the mess. His love for his children is like nothing I’ve known or witnessed and it’s healed me and grounded me in more ways than I can probably even realize.

The best part is that I know my kids will never have to overcome some of the things I’ve had to evolve from, which can only mean that they’ll have more time to be the best humans that they can be.

For all the dads out there who are reveling in fatherhood and truly take the time to be more than just a financial fixture, kudos to you. You’re the stuff that dreams are made of.


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