A Day In the Life of a Toddler

I always love those “day in the life” posts that other bloggers do. There’s just something so fun about getting a little sneak peek into someone’s life and daily routine, so I thought I’d share my own…or rather my toddler’s. So, here’s what a day in the life of my almost 15-month-old Fern Winter looks like…

  • A Day in the Life of a Toddler 1 of 31
    A little peek into the toddler world of Fern Winter...
  • Wake up and snuggle 2 of 31
    Every morning when Fern wakes up I bring her to my bed for a little nursing and snuggle session. It's one of my favorite parts of the day and the one time she really seems like a little baby these days.
  • Hang out and wait 3 of 31
    After snuggles are done, Fern heads back to bed to play with toys for just a bit while mama gets dressed and ready for the day.
  • Breakfast time! 4 of 31
    Breakfast is her favorite. Most often it includes a green smoothie, yogurt with berries or scrambled eggs with spinach. On this particular morning she got to have these blueberry paleo muffins I made and she was definitely a fan.
  • Keeping Marley at bay 5 of 31
    Part of the meal time routine includes keeping Marley from trying to sneak all of her food, but sometimes she shares.
  • All dressed 6 of 31
    After breakfast it's time to get dressed for the day. Fern is usually pretty patient about getting dressed, which I'm thankful for.
  • Reading 7 of 31
    "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" is a current favorite of Fern's.
  • Climb in a box 8 of 31
    You know...because you're a toddler and you can.
  • Feed the chicks 9 of 31
    Before we head out for the day, we stop to feed and water our baby chicks, but mostly Fern just waves and talks to them.
  • Walk to the park with friends 10 of 31
    Usually after all the morning routine is done we head out for whatever fun/errands the day may hold. Often it's a play date with friends.
  • Choosing her activity 11 of 31
    There are so many fun things to do at the park, it's hard to choose!
  • Stop for lunch 12 of 31
    This girl could eat oranges all day every day! Don't worry - there was other food too.
  • Run away from mom 13 of 31
    When it's time to leave and she's not quite ready to go, she will sometimes give me a run for my money. Thankfully I'm still faster.
  • Head home 14 of 31
    Heading home for nap time with these monkeys!
  • Switching it up 15 of 31
    When you've got a ways to walk, sometimes you have to change things up. Fern loves when I hold her like this and push the stroller. She had quite the giggle fit.
  • Quiet play 16 of 31
    Before nap we wind down with some calm activities. Her current favorite is taking apart puzzles - this farm puzzle in particularly. It was pretty cool when I realized that she knew all the animals by name the other day. Watching babies learn is so cool.
  • Pre-nap story 17 of 31
    We read a few more books before nap.
  • Nap time 18 of 31
    Then, it's nap time and I rock Fern to sleep.
  • Post-nap sillies 19 of 31
    After nap time we usually cuddle and nurse on the couch and sometimes we'll read books or watch Vine videos of our baby friends. This day we got our sillies out with some selfies.
  • Hydrate 20 of 31
    Fern has at least 18,000 sippy cups, but she always prefers mine.
  • Daddy comes home! 21 of 31
    Shortly after nap Daddy returns home from work and she tells him all about her day.
  • Snack time 22 of 31
    Then it's time for a pre-dinner snack while she hangs out with her Dad.
  • Gym 23 of 31
    Usually at this time of day I head out to the gym and my husband and Fern hang out - most often outside with our chickens - but on this day he was busy, so Fern went to the gym with me. The childcare workers at our gym are so sweet and really seem to like Fern. They were telling me about how independent she is and how she's always trying to play with the big kids.
  • Grocery stop 24 of 31
    Usually we go to the grocery store during our morning outing time, but we were out of fruit so we made a quick stop after the gym.
  • Dinner 25 of 31
    A little tortellini soup for dinner. Fern likes her food with a spicy kick!
  • Crazy bath time hair 26 of 31
    Stopping to snap a pic of this girl's crazy pre-bath hair.
  • Bath time 27 of 31
    No matter how grumpy this girl is, bath time is almost always transformative.
  • Meltdown 28 of 31
    It's justa about bed time and while I make Fern a bottle she has a little mini-meltdown since she wants to be held. I know it's terrible to take a photo of your kid while they're sad, but I wanted to keep it real.
  • Bed time books 29 of 31
    Usually after she gets ready for bed, she has story time with her Daddy, but since he was busy this evening, she and I had story time instead. I'm pretty sure she prefers story time with my husband though - he does more fun voices.
  • Say goodnight 30 of 31
    A little pre-bed stare down with our dog Marley.
  • Good night! 31 of 31
    Marley is too quick for me to capture, but this is Fern giving her a good night snuggle. So sweet those two! After this is was off to bed to start again another day!


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