A Day in the Life of a Toddler Boy

My little guy is an active, on the go, into everything, all the time kind of kid.  Wait, isn’t that the definition of a toddler?

Lately, I have just been amazed at some of the stuff he’s done, and sometimes I just have to shake my head and laugh because otherwise I might cry.

He definitely keeps me on my toes all day long.  Here’s a little glimpse into a day in the life of Brenden.

  • Watering the Garden 1 of 13
    Watering the Garden
    First I get up in the morning and help my mama water our garden before it gets too hot. Sometimes I "accidentally" spray my sister with the water too! Oops!
  • Enjoy the Garden Produce 2 of 13
    Enjoy the Garden Produce
    Then I "help" pick the yummy stuff from the garden. What? They're supposed to be red? But they look so pretty!
  • Coloring 3 of 13
    Then I'll color a nice picture for my mama.
  • More Coloring 4 of 13
    More Coloring
    And while she's looking the other way, I'll color all over myself! Mom says I'm only supposed to color on the paper, but it's just too fun!
  • Play in the Dirt 5 of 13
    Play in the Dirt
    Then my mom will send me outside to rinse off with the hose, but instead I'll stop and do a little playing in the dirt.
  • Digging in the Dirt 6 of 13
    Digging in the Dirt
    After getting cleaned up, I'll go back out and do some more digging in the dirt with my trucks.
  • Potty Break 7 of 13
    Potty Break
    Excuse me while I take care of some business. Mom wishes I would do this in the potty more often!
  • Jumping 8 of 13
    Then I'll burn off some of my energy by jumping off of anything and everything around the house.
  • Little Monkey 9 of 13
    Little Monkey
    And I'll turn my kitchen drawers into a jungle gym. Wheeee!
  • Fixin’ Stuff 10 of 13
    Fixin' Stuff
    So mom will tell me it's time for a bike ride and I'll fix up my sister's bike for her.
  • Bike Ride 11 of 13
    Bike Ride
    And we'll take a bike ride to the park. I just learned how to pedal by myself!
  • At the Park 12 of 13
    At the Park
    I'll jump and run and climb and play to my hearts content at the park!
  • Lights Out 13 of 13
    Lights Out
    When I get home, I'll be exhausted so I'll settle in to my under the table fort bedroom. Good Night!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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