A Day in the Life of Bunny

From the time Vivi was able to sit up on her own, Bunny has been an honorary 5th member of our family. Bunny was around before the cats, Bunny was even around (on the outside) before Vivi. I bought him on a last trimester shopping trip to Anthropologie. I wanted to get something, but I was about to go through too many bodily changes in the coming weeks so clothes were kind of out of the question. I already had more than enough clothes for my baby which left me pawing at this adorable and incredibly soft bunny. I figured since Vivi was going to be born during the year of the rabbit it was my duty to purchase the little fellow.

He sat on Vivi’s dresser from the day she came home from the hospital and the moment Bunny met her arms around 7 months he never really left. We currently have four bunnies, bought through various avenues for various prices as Bunny was no longer easily found in stores. Three of them are regularly rotated so as to maintain a certain level of stink and wear. The fourth bunny stays tucked away, so one day we can compare just how loved the other three bunnies have become. There was a time we were down to only one bunny, those were terrifying times.

Bunny wanted to tell you a little bit about himself, so he put together this little story to show you what a day in the life is like for him. Lots of stories, lots of snacks, lots of sleeping, lots of being loved by a little girl and lots of being left behind only to be found and loved again.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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